All Things Sports: Dak and Rick’s podcast


David Kuper

Junior David Kuper and his father began their journey into the world of sports podcasts at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and have continued to create content following several sports and teams.

Allison Cajina, Features Editor

During these last seven months of quarantine, people have had the opportunity to explore a variety of hobbies that they usually would not have the time for. Among these many projects that have surfaced, the DAK and Rick’s podcast, was created by one of our very own Cavaliers, David Kuper, and is co-hosted with his father Richard. This podcast goes in depth into a variety of everyday Miami sport topics such as the Miami Heat, Dolphins, Marlins, wrestling and much more.

David Kuper and his father Richard have always shared a passion for all things sports. With much time on their hands at the beginning of quarantine, they got together and began to brainstorm ideas for a possible project that revolved around sports. Kuper was not unfamiliar with podcasts; when he was younger he would create random little shows and just rant about any sport that was on his mind. Due to his experience, the two decided it would be best to stick with the same idea where they could put their extensive knowledge of sports to use. So far, they have covered a multitude of topics ranging from Football to Basketball, Baseball, Wrestling and Soccer.

A lot of effort goes into making each and every episode. Throughout the week, Kuper and his dad watch games and gather their intel to create a script. From there on, they record their episode, recalling key players, statistics and voicing their opinions, then editing and posting their recording. They enjoy having a natural conversation that does not seem too scripted or forced, their main goal being to have people enjoy the episode as if they were there with them.

Though the majority of his content revolves around Miami sports, he has miniature segments called “Quick Fire News” in which they review big sport moments across the world. For example, they recently covered Messi’s possible departure from FC Barcelona B.

Although Kuper loves all sports, his personal favorite sports to cover has to be either Basketball or Football. Being a Football player himself, he can relate to some of the player’s struggles which the average viewer would not understand or catch at first glance. Since he has followed teams such as The Heat and The Dolphins from a young age, he feels connected to them.

“I feel like sports are just a huge part of my life and have helped me become the person that I am today. Sharing these moments with my dad is something I will never forget,” junior David Kuper said.

As for the future of his podcast, Kuper hopes to continue publishing episodes for as long as he can. It is something that allows him to express his love for sports and share it with others. Since school is back in action, it is a little difficult for him to have time to post, but he and his father make it work.

“I usually do not stay up to date with sports, but David’s podcast has definitely helped me stay on track with what is going on in the world of sports. I truly think him and his father are doing a great job with them,” junior Nataly Leiva said.

You can find DAK and Rick’s podcast either on Spotify or Apple Podcast where they upload every Saturday. You might just be listening to the next ESPN or Bleacher report in the making.