Easy Going Summer Trends



Zendaya Coleman checked off summer’s trends list with this bright floral sundress paired with eye-catching wedges.

Natalia Clement, Staff Writer

The start of summer calls for ditching old uniforms and turning to the latest fashion trends. Time out with family and friends makes looking good a must, but stressing over wardrobe should be the least of one’s worries.

The perfect little sundress – Summertime isn’t complete without a sundress. Paired with beach waves and sunglasses, you have a casual look for every occasion.

Last season’s prints – During teenage years, a small budget can go a long way. Learning how to save on clothing while staying in tune with trends is advantageous. The laid-back beach look can be complemented with tribal prints or spring’s flowery patterns.

“Wearing last season’s clothing is totally fine, especially since spring and summer are similar and easy to incorporate together.  There’s no set rules to follow when it comes to clothing and if you mix different seasons’ colors and trends, it could turn out really cool,”  junior Barbara Jimenez said.

Keep it loose – The key to fashion in the summer is that it should be as relaxed as you are. As much as we love our skinny jeans, summer’s unbearable humidity calls for looser attire. Rompers and wide leg pants made a noticeable appearance in catwalks and streets during the past few months.  For the simplistic closet, loose shorts and a flowing top work just the same. Plus, fun in the sun is more enjoyable if you can actually move.

“During summer it’s hot and you want to be comfortable in whatever you wear. I feel that more people would prefer shorts over rompers and wide leg pants, but it all depends on the person,” sophomore Meagan Lee said.

Brighten up! – With the sun shining, life seems more colorful. There’s no better way to join in on the radiance than by dressing in vivid colors. From sunset oranges to ocean blues, aspire to be the walking representation of summer as you’re face to face with your closet.

All of these trends are both carefree and light. The mentality of slipping on the closest sundress and being out the door makes having a good time in the summer a reality.