The Fault in Our Stars


Movie Poster

The Fault in Our Stars makes the perfect ‘girls night out’ plan, as well as a sweet date that will have both of you in tears.

Natalia Clement, Staff Writer

Release Date:June 6, 2014

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Director: Josh Boone

Stars: Shailene WoodleyAnsel ElgortWillem DafoeNat WolffLaura Dern

Our Rating: A

Bestselling author John Green’s long awaited screen adaptation of his novel, The Fault in Our Stars, hit theaters at the start of summer break. The movie received hype from fans of the book months before its release, as they waited for the unconventional star-crossed love story between Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters to come to life.

Every teenager longs to be normal, but terminal cancer can really be a bump in that road, especially for realistic Hazel at the beginning of the movie. The impact Augustus has once the two meet is almost immediate. Although Hazel tries to push him away and sets limits as friends, Gus slowly wins her over with his wit and romantic deeds.

As you see Hazel and Gus fall in love so beautifully, each in a different manner, your heart can’t help but sigh at their relationship. Beyond their illnesses, they’re teenagers in love and they let themselves feel that love. Towards the end, when things get grim, you still see their love for one another, and that’s what makes the ending of both the book and the movie so memorable.

High expectations were set in place on the movie by those who cherish the novel. Every scene felt true to the book, but then again it’s left to each other’s judgement. A downside to its popularity is that most people know the ending, regardless if they have read the book, thanks to word of mouth. Despite coming into the movie theater “prepared,” there’s no doubt you will come out with a box of used-up tissues and that heavy-hearted feeling lingering about.