Classic 80s Movies: Are These Worth The Watch?

Classic 80s Movies: Are These Worth The Watch?

Lauren Gregorio, Staff Writer

May 16, 2020

Now that self-quarantine is the new normal, everyone has a great deal of time on their hands. As the days combine into one, many are having a difficult time finding new activities to do, alongside the schoolwork assigned. Besides going out for a run or eating snacks what else is there to do? Well, luck...

The Best Movies of the Decade

The past decade had an amazing year in cinema and from the beginning to now it has come a long way

Stephanie Andrade, Staff Writer

December 23, 2019

This decade has come to a close and it has been a memorable 10 years in the movie industry. Our Cavaliers have grown throughout this decade and as a way to reminisce on the best of their childhood, here are some of the best blockbusters of the decade, by genre. Thriller-Inception  This film is about Dom Cobb, played by Leonardo D...

Is Disney+ Worth It?

Disney+ offers great shows, such as

Emma Garcia, Staff Writer

November 26, 2019

Release Date: Nov. 12, 2019 Our Rating: A+ On Nov. 12, Disney+ launched in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands. Its launch was so anticipated that the site crashed due to all the people attempting to subscribe and create an account. When first opening the app, one is greeted with the...

Stop Motion Animation: Creating Unforgettable Films

Georgina Hayns, creative supervisor, puppet fabrication, with the cast from

Amanda Perez, Staff Writter

September 8, 2019

Animation has given modern television a new world of possibilities, bringing eye-catching visual stories with drawings coming to life. We all thank Disney and Pixar for its iconic artistic styles as it created iconic movies and shows that many adults still rewatch with excitement. While every animation...

Spider-Man Dramatically Swings Out of the MCU

A photograph taken from the PlayStation 4 video game

Anthony Russo, Staff Writer

September 1, 2019

It was Aug. 20, 2019 when Marvel fans received the news that would forever change their lives - a fan-favorite comic book superhero legend, Spider-Man, was going to be removed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This was Spider-Man's third reboot within the last two decades; the first two were...

Disney and Their Long List of Remakes: Crowd-Pleasers or Gold Diggers?

An overview of a couple of the films that Disney has remade into live action  movies

Anthony Russo, Staff Writer

August 25, 2019

Throughout all of our  childhoods, we have had the privilege to witness the incredible cinematic masterpieces that are Disney's animated movies, such as "The Lion King", "Dumbo", "Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin", "The Little Mermaid" and many more. Dating back to 2010 with the live action re-release of the film ...

Is Star Wars On the Cusp of A New Hope or Its Ultimate Downfall?

After some years of skepticism and concerns regarding the future of the franchise, the recent Star Wars Celebration in Chicago gave fans lots of reasons to hope for and expect a successful future in the upcoming years.

Daniel Toll, Sports Editor

April 22, 2019

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, cinematic mastermind George Lucas wrote and directed the first ever "Star Wars" movie, marking a drastic turning point in film history. The epic space-opera film debuted in 1977, but, while the movie grew to become a global phenomenon in what seemed like no...

Netflix Raises Prices for Subscribers

Netflix prices increase in the New Year!

Guiliana Garces, Staff Writer

January 22, 2019

For the fourth time since this streaming service launched, Netflix is raising its prices by five percent, the company's biggest price increase. As the number of Netflix original movies and TV shows increases, they need to finance the huge investments they have made. In addition, they have taken on a...

Christmas Movies

Christmas Movies

Mark Snyder, Multimedia

December 6, 2018

Christmas is upon us! While everybody has their own way of celebrating, Christmas movies are a staple in every household. Which movie are you?

Welcoming the Holidays with Netflix Movies

Watching Netflix on a cold winter night.

Guiliana Garces, Staff Writer

December 3, 2018

As the holiday season approaches, Netflix has begun rolling out their annual line-up of Christmas-themed movies, perfect for days one just wants to cozy up at home. Each Christmas-themed Netflix movie has its own unique story to share with the audience, which is why they are so lovable. But, it may...

Activism or Propaganda?

Some of the most influential political characters in movies, including Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman in

Patrick Ales, Staff Writer

October 8, 2018

There is no aspect of society that is immune to political agendas, especially when it comes to artistic expression. The film industry has long been influenced by politics, whether it be as subtle as a director's personal views or outright government propaganda. Many films fall in a middle ground, one...

“Sierra Burgess is a Loser” – Hit or Miss?

Sierra Burgess is a Loser playing on Netflix.

Guiliana Garces, Staff Writer

September 25, 2018

Release Date: Sept. 7, 2018 Director: Ian Samuels Starring: Shannon Purser (Sierra), Noah Centineo (Jamey), Kristine Froseth (Veronica), RJ Cyler (Dan) MPAA Rating: PG-13 Our Rating: B The Netflix Original "Sierra Burgess is a Loser” follows Sierra through her romantic journey w...

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