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Mean Girls Takes a New Spin Full of Song and Dance

Joseph Abrahantes
A recreation of the original Mean Girls, the new movie has peaked the interest of countless teenagers. It has not lived up to their high expectations.

Directors: Samantha Jayne and Arturo Perez Jr.

Release Date: January 12, 2024

MPAA Rating: PG-13


Starring: Angourie Rice (Cady Heron), Reneé Rapp (Regina George), and more

Our Rating: D

Since the early 2000s, Mean Girls has become a classic movie that has captured the affection of teenagers around the world. Known primarily as an iconic representation of high school, Mean Girls is full of fun, adventure and humor. Most recently, it has been transformed from an ordinary movie into a musical version of itself. Instead of merely reciting their lines, actors now frequently break into song. Though some may profess that this actually improves the original movie, others see no reason to change the successful production into something almost unrecognizable. 

The original 2004 Mean Girls film can never be changed for the better. The film has earned countless awards, including the Movie Television Award in 2005, and continues to grow in popularity each year because of its well-written script and memorable scenes. The original cast, led by Lindsay Lohan, provided the viewer with an enjoyable look at the experience of confronting mean girls. 

“There was no reason to make a new Mean Girls. The original movie was perfect, and this version is just a disappointment. Mean Girls will forever be an iconic movie, and it should be left alone,” sophomore Adriana Garcia said.

In the musical version, the casting of Cady Heron is a particularly bad choice. Angourie Rice does not embody her character as well as Lohan did. Instead, she looks rather uncomfortable in every scene. She brings no energy to her role, causing the rest of the characters to simultaneously become rather dull and disappoint the audience. With too many songs and poor acting, there is little to enjoy with this film. 

In the original movie, when Cady Heron, the new girl at school, joins an elite group of popular girls called the Plastics, her eyes are opened to the reality of American high school. It is not easy for her to overcome rampant bullying, as well as her constant desire to fit in with others and to find out where she belongs. Mean Girls takes this sad reality and turns it into a movie with a message. Teen viewers can easily see themselves in this relatable, yet lighthearted representation of high school.  Mean Girls has become a worldwide sensation, and it is doubtful that a newly created musical version will ever take away its cultural significance. 

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“Overall the concepts of the movie are the same, but there are definitely some big differences. If they cut out some of the musical scenes I really think this movie could be improved. It got to the point where the songs just seemed unnecessary. Compared to the original movie, it was nothing but a downgrade,” senior Nicholas Ramentol said. 

 Mean Girls has already been playing on Broadway for countless years, so the movie was expected to be a success. However, it was exactly the opposite. From the inclusion of too many songs to the horrendous acting, there is little good to be said about it. Instead of incorporating the musical scenes into the movie, it is as though the entire movie consists of singing and dancing with a small storyline in the background. The movie has lost its focus and no longer serves its humorous look at reality. 

Mean Girls is such an iconic movie, and this new version of it is just embarrassing. Because it is so poorly made, it also takes away from the true meaning of the original. Behind all of the jokes, it really portrays the difficulty of dealing with new beginnings in life,” sophomore Avril Donner said.  

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This year’s filmmakers aimed to modernize Mean Girls to appeal to the younger generation, but this has led to a mediocre finish. By not including all the iconic lines of Regina George, many viewers are let down, as they expect a sassy, fierce character, but instead get only an average portrayal of a high school student. The incorporation of social media is also excessive throughout the movie, making it almost unbearable. The use of TikTok and Instagram are intended to be relatable, but they are over-used and became trite. While this movie initially had the potential of becoming legendary, it does not compare with the amazing execution of the original Mean Girls.

“This recreation of Mean Girls is such a let down. I had higher expectations because the Broadway musical is really well made, but this doesn’t even compare. The new movie should have never been produced,” sophomore David Santamaria said.

When given the choice of watching either the original Mean Girls or the latest musical, the better choice is rather evident. Always stick with the classics. Though there might have been high expectations set for this movie, it is truly nothing but a flop.

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