Enola Holmes Makes a Comeback


Cinthia Cruz

The compelling Enola Holmes II is out now, waiting for the audience to jump into the adventures and mysteries.

Director: Harry Bradbeer

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Our Grade: B+

Made for kids and teenagers who enjoy watching murder mysteries with a little bit of romance, Netflix’s newest release “Enola Holmes 2” is overall a great movie because of its action-packed, attention-grabbing plot. Its female lead character also serves as a role model for young girls who watch.

“As someone who watches a lot of murder mysteries, I feel like Enola Holmes was an accurate introduction to the genre for kids while also including a story line with romance surrounding Enola Holmes and Tewkesburry,” sophomore Shirley Correa said.

The intense plot keeps viewers engaged and on their toes. The second Enola Holmes installment portrays a girl who is trying to build her own business to help solve mysteries, when a little girl names Bessie Chapman comes looking for help because she cannot find her sister. Enola uses this opportunity to not only help Bessie find her sister, but to also get her business off the ground in the process. The film follows Enola as she embarks on this journey.

“Watching Enola Holmes II brought a satisfaction I didn’t know I was missing. Watching a strong empowered female protagonist really put an emphasis on how society itself is changing. The way they portray Enola gives a sense of morality to the audience,” sophomore Chiara Ortiz said.

Though the script is full of creative twists and turns, the film’s greatest asset is its strong female protagonist. We get to see more of an empowered female and a world that is surrounded by strong prominent women. Enola undergoes a lot of character development throughout the two films, as we get to see her grow and become more confident. The romance of Enola and Lord Tewkesbury is also endearing and well-written; the chemistry between the actors fully sells the friends to lovers dynamic.

I am not typically into romance movies but I gave it a chance since it was a mystery movie. I honestly am so happy I did watch it because the acting and the costumes were phenomenal. I definitely recommend this movie,

— sophomore Matthew Fuenmayor

Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Enola, has a way of captivating the audience’s attention through her authentic performance. She truly is a marvelous actor that humanizes her character and makes each facial expression and emotion feel real. The chemistry between Milly Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge undoubtedly has the hearts of many fans. It is undeniable that these costars are close, and their platonic emotions allow them to create heartfelt and heartwarming scenes for the audience.

The script is exceptional in part because of its historically accuracy. The dialogue sounded exactly like the late 1880s, with the accents and dialect helping to create an ambience of earlier times. Sentence structures and even pronunciations of certain words convey the sophistication and formality of the time period. The charming British accents and mannerisms of the cast gave an interesting picture of what life would have been like in the 1880s.

“The designers clearly put significant work into the costumes. I felt that the way the characters dressed definitely helped portray the era and the time period where the movie took place. I have to say, I definitely enjoyed it,” sophomore Hayli Perez said.

The costumes also made the film fit the Victorian era. Enola notably wore a beautiful corseted gown, and the ball scene highlights many of the dresses of the supporting cast. As for the men, they wore their famously known dress suits.

The performance was exhilarating, and it was apparent that the actors deeply enjoyed playing their roles. Their talent effortlessly made this movie come to life.

This movie was made even more enjoyable by the simple fact that Enola Holmes is relatable to her younger audience. All teenagers have crushes and pretend that they do not; just like them, Enola denies her feelings and pretends that all the feelings she has for Sir Tewkesbury are purely innocent and platonic. This minor addition to the film makes it even more engaging to the audience. This movie was not better then the first but it was still exceptionally made.