Harvard Ready?


5 days full of snow, an amazing learning experience and of course Boston!!

Albany Muria, Staff Writer

Competition can get intense as you progress in your high school life, but what kind of high school experience would it be if there were no competition to push you to exceed your own potential? On February 19-23, CGHS students traveled all the way to the beautiful city of Boston to participate in the largest government simulation conference, Harvard Model Congress.

Harvard Model Congress was introduced at CGHS by Mr.Nelson, the AP/IB Psychology teacher, and Ms. Landsea, the AP European History teacher. The idea to take the students and try it for the first time occured to Ms.Landsea, and since then it was an instant success. HMC is nothing other than a diversified nationwide event.

“Students from more than sixty schools from all over the country and even internationally participate in the simulation,” Landsea said.

At Harvard Model Congress, students took on the role of senators, representatives and draft legislations on issues that the real congress would debate. The students from Gables also competed in special programs, such as Media, The World Bank, the Supreme Court and Constitutional Convection.

“Last year’s trip was in San Francisco, and since more schools went to the one this year at Boston, the competition was more intense, which I feel made you work harder and do your best,” junior Aliyah Symes said.

The awards were finally given out to two students from Gables. They received a gravel for their excellence as outstanding delegates in their committees:Paula Burkhardt for her work on Education and the Workforce and Robbyn Himenez for representing Afghanistan in the World Bank.

The Harvard Model Congress trip enhanced the students’ inner love for politics and competition, and despite of the serious-mindedness of HMC, the trip to Boston included various fun activities. Some students actually experienced snow for the first time ever. With all the snow, they obviously couldn’t resist to make a snowman and have a snowball fight. Along with these activities, the students got the opportunity to visit the Fanueil, The Museum of Fine Arts. Some of them even got to take visit Harvard University and Turfts University.

Five days full of unforgettable memories including an amazing learning experience, snow madness, and visits to historical places. Students that participated this time around can’t wait till next year’s Harvard Model Congress.