Hope for Cubans Stranded in Latin American Border



Thousands of Cubans stranded in the Costa Rican border waiting to be reunited with their family .

Albany Muria, Editor

As 8,000 Cubans tried to make their way from their homeland to the United States, they got stopped at -Costa Rica-Nicaragua border for as much as 60 days. Their journey began leaving Cuba and entering through various countries in South America and Central American to ultimately touch foot in the U.S land.

This dispute has had thousands of Cubans living on the Costa Ricans side of the border waiting for hope. They had been jumping into boarding houses, broken-down boats and propeller planes in order to get through Latin America.

“They are people who are suffering and dont have anywhere to sleep. Children, pregnant women, young people, families … But the foreign officials are trying to help them get to the US helping them get to the land of Liberty,” junior Kimberly Molina said.

According to the Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister, the first group of 180 cubans was to leave to El Salvador on a flight that would cost them each $550. This represents hope to many of the people stranded at the border and separated from their families. Once the plane lands on El Salvador, they will be bused through Guatemala and eventually get to Mexico’s southern border and figure out how they were going to get to the U.S.

“This situation creates a cloud of hope and sadness. It’s sad that Cubans are being deprived of the American dream, but there’s also so much a certain country can do for them. As a Cuban myself, I think their agreement to try to get the Cuban families reunited,” junior Sabryna Gonzalez said.

As the few out of thousands of Cubans embark on this new journey to the U.S., many others still stranded maintain their hope their time will come to be reunited with their family and finally be safe. The first group of Cubans from Costa Rica arrived safely to the U.S. on Jan. 15.