Get Involved: Contact a Club

Albany Muria , Editor

Here are the emails to all the presidents of each club available at Gables! Don’t hesitate to contact any of them if you have any questions about the club.

5000 Role Models:

President: Jontavius Testa  HSP   Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Eldrick Clapp BMIT

Art Club:

President: Paula Castanos CAF&DM Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Nicolas Viglucci IB

Best Buddies:

President: Jordan Payne IB   Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Albany Muria IB

Blood Drive:

President: Jessie Wang IB  Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Juliana Robles IB

Chess Club:

President: Rafael Tarazona IB  Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Kevin Torgas IB

Creative Writing :

President: Zoe Redmond CAF&DM  Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Camilo Bacca VPA


President: Maria Estrada IB   Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Jessica Breznick IB

Vice President: Tatiana Taylor IB


President: Marcos Balsera IB   Email: [email protected]

Vice President of Competitions: Julio Membreno IB

Vice President of Membership: Tommy Guzman NAF

Vice President of Operations: Lucy Baez NAF


President: Alexa Garcia HSESL  Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Leddy Milian DEH

Gables Earth:

President: Nicolas Vigglucci IB   Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Jose Balcazar IB

Vice President: Alexa Alcalay IB

Gables Players:

President: Keren Ferrales VPA  Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Tracy Veliz VPA


President: Marianna Babboni IB  Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Jose Balcazar IB

Vice President: Logan Morris IB


President: Camila Lupi IB    Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Claire Shillington IB

Italian Club:

President: Marianna Babboni IB   Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Francesco Senatore IB

Key Club:

President: Daniel Regalado IB   Email: [email protected]

Vice-President: Maria Estrada IB

Vice-President: Marcos Balsera IB

Math Honor Society:

President: Maggie Rivers IB       Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Juan Salazar IB


President: Maggie Rivers IB       Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Daniela Carreras IB

New Revival:

President: Joey Lancaster IB    Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Joseph Villafane IB


President: Alex Duran     Email: [email protected]

President: Brooke Donner IB

Quill & Scroll:

President: Eleanor Bauwens IB    Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Keana Mercado IB


President: Juan Ramirez IB Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Erik Suarez

Vice President: Sebastian Perez Espina


President: Teague Scanlon IB   Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Nina Llado IB

Vice President: Nicole Villar IB

Spanish Honor Society:

President: Maria Estrada IB   Email: [email protected]

Vice President: Joshua Zambrano IB