Showing off Your Cavalier Pride

Albany Muria, Editor

As the football season draws nearer, many students prepare their Cavalier gear to cheer the team towards victory!  If you want to achieve the ultimate Cavalier experience, attending football games is a must.  Follow these steps to become the best Cav fan you can possibly be.

  • Know the Dates: Make sure to find out when the most important games are!  This way, you won’t miss a popular game, such as Columbus vs Gables, which many students will be yearning to attend.  Remember to keep in mind each game needs the students’ support. Click here to take a look at the football schedule!
  • Gather Your Friends: Plan to go with your friends!  Football games are a great place to socialize and catch up on the latest gossip.

“The best part of going to football games is having the chance to hangout with friends you don’t constantly see because of the overwhelming amount of homework,” sophomore Maria Solorzano said.

  • Gear Up: Don’t forget your red socks and face paint!  Some essentials for a football game include noise makers, red t-shirts, and even school-colored tutus!
  • Make Creative Posters: Along with some friends, create a huge poster that says “GO CAVS!”  This will demonstrate your passion for being a part of the Cavalier family.
  • Bring Along the Alumni: If you know a former teacher or family member who is a Gables alumnus, bring them!  Nothing is better than alumni showing love for their alma mater.

The key to being the “Ultimate Cavalier Fan” is to show your love for Gables.  Learn the chants and just have fun; enjoy the greatest moments of your high school career, because these memories can last forever!