Gablettes & Co. are Kickin’ it!


Gablettes & Co.

Gablettes & Co. bring home two first place titles in JV Kick and Varsity Kick!

Albany Muria, News Editor

This past weekend, Gablettes & Co. competed in the annual national dance competition, bringing home national titles in both JV and Varsity Kick. The dancers have been practicing for weeks leading up to the competition and gave it their all in Orlando. Along with their two national titles, the team earned 3rd place in Varsity Team Performance.

“I wasn’t on the team last year but from the looks of it this year we all went into competition season ready to get our titles back.  Even though the competition season was shorter than previous years we were able to be extremely focused and determined to be able to get both titles back,” sophomore Dominique Babin said.

Making a come back from last year’s second place, the Gablettes seemed to show more resilient and persistence than ever. They practiced for over 25 hours a week, making sure their routines were perfect. With the help of the coaches and alumni, the team was able to successfully conquer the competition.

“This has been the best year at Nationals. I don’t think it was just because I’m a senior, but because the talent this year on the team is incredible. The girls are super determined to achieve what they wanted, which wasn’t always the case. I’m so proud to say I’m Captain of the team that brought the titles back home,” Gablette Captain and senior Melissa Rodriguez said.

The Gablettes will keep working harder every day to give it their best at upcoming performances and wrap up the year on a victorious note!