Athlete of the Week: Jose Padron


Paola Enriquez

Senior Jose Padron earned 2 wins last week pitching in relief only allowing 1 hit and 7 strike-outs vs Braddock and 0 hits vs Southwest. Cavs 4, Braddock 3 and Cavs 7, Southwest 6.

Albany Muria, Editor

Senior Jose Padron made his mark during last week’s baseball games against Braddock and Southwest. He only allowed one hit and seven strike-outs against Braddock and zero hits from Southwest. As pitcher for the Gables Baseball team, Padron has worked hard during long practices to give the team the best his best performance.

“It wasn’t easy and there are lot of people who helped me get where I am today, including my coaches – especially Wisser and my mom,” Padron said.

Padron found his passion for baseball at the age of 7. His older brother encouraged him to try the sport along with him. He started out playing for a league during the summer and eventually played for little league. As a freshman at Jackson High, Padron played for varsity, and he has been playing for Gables since he transferred in his sophomore year.

After being accepted to Presbyterian College, Miami-Dade and Jackson State University (JSU), Padron chose JSU. He will be studying accounting. Although he is excited for college, he will most definitely miss playing with his teammates and spending time with them.

“We have all become brothers and going out there on the field as a family and all the adventures is what I’ll miss the most,” Padron said.

Although his baseball career is almost over here at Gables, Padron still has new doors opening up for him as he goes on to a new milestone in his life.