A Teacher’s Summer


Albany Muria, Editor

As summer bursts into action students start to engage themselves in activities like volunteering, playing sports or traveling; teachers are finally left with their much needed break as well. Most students may think that teachers stay at home during the summer. Much to their surprise, most teachers partake in another job, travel or even spend time with their loved ones.

AP World History and AP Psychology teacher Mrs. Noval didn’t think twice about having a fun-filled summer. Headed to Hawaii, Mrs. Noval is currently enjoying summer with her family while watching the beautiful Hawaiian waves and hula dancing with the experts.

AP European History teacher Mrs. Landsea will be travel overseas to Greece. Awaiting to explore the beautiful emerald sea, its origins of Mythology and the nation’s history in Greece this July, Mrs. Landsea is sure to have a blast. She also took her daughter to take a closer look at the University of Florida and attended my first Advanced Placement Summer Institute in Atlanta.

“I’m leaving to go to Greece for 10 days with my family and returning to attend the annual AP conference in Austin, Texas,” Mrs. Landsea said.

However, other teachers prefer to take on another job during the Summer. AP English Literature and IB English teacher Dr. Payne keeps busy during the Summer by continuing tutoring for the SAT with Gables Tutoring.

Spending time with their family is another goal many teachers have in mind for this Summer.

After their hard work, our teachers have a jam-packed summer of memories this year. Don’t miss out on their stories once everyone is back to school.