How to NOT Procrastinate


Albany Muria

Write down EVERY assignment. If you don’t, it is more likely you’ll forget it later.

Albany Muria, Editor

Procrastination is almost inevitable for high school students. Most of us tend to put off the load of work put on our plates, promising ourselves to finish it later. Weeks have passed, and you have achieved absolutely nothing. This is when you realize your project was assigned two weeks ago and your deadline is dangling just above your head.

Here are some tips on how to avoid procrastination:

  1. Set your Own Deadlines: Deadlines are extremely scary for everyone; they can catch you by surprise and often times, they are closer than they appear. Setting your own deadline for assignments can enable you to open time for other assignments that come later. This will prevent you from leaving that assignment for the night before its due. For example, if you have a project due Oct. 23, try to set your own deadline to a week or two before.
  2. Avidly Use a Planner. Once you start using a planner, it will become your best friend. Write down absolutely everything you need to do, such as homework, projects, club meetings, etc. Not only will you be looking at the due dates everyday, but it’ll make you realize how quickly everything can pile up.
  3. Have a Daily Routine. Try to set a routine when you get home. For example, you eat, shower, do your homework and watch TV. If you do your tasks in a routinely manner, you are less likely to forget to finish something or put it off for later.
  4. Eliminate ALL Electronic Devices: Electronic devices are your enemy. They will distract you from being on task. By eliminating them, you can save hours spent on tumblr and concentrate on your homework more easily.

Even though sometimes procrastination is unavoidable, it can be controllable. It is completely your choice of when to start and finish an assignment. Make the right choices this year by completing your work in effective and efficient manners. Remember: once you set your mind to something, it can definitely be accomplished.