Gablettes: Kickin’ it Since 1975


Natalie Abrahantes

The Gablettes, a timeless staple at Coral Gables Senior High have proved that through hard work and ambition anything is possible.

Natalie Abrahantes, Staff Writer

High kicks and checkered vests have been a staple at Coral Gables Senior High (CGHS) since the very beginning, but the Gablettes, founded in 1975 by director Connie Mosure, were not always as recognized as they are now. Initially, Mosure was the gymnastics teacher at Gables who was asked to create a new performing group other than the one in existence at the time known as the Cavalettes, the school’s marching team. Mosure created the Gablettes as a complimentary dance group to the CGHS Band of Distinction. Through the course of time, the main performing groups at Gables were the Gablettes, Color Guard and Majorettes as the Cavalettes slowly dissipated. During the 2000-2001 school year, the Gablettes branched off from the band and began performing during halftime and on the sidelines during games.

Timeless Checkers 

The timeless checkered uniforms have been an essential part of both the Gablettes history and present. This signature design was created in part by the original 1976 team. The uniform consists of a red skirt, white long-sleeved shirt with a bow at the collar, red and white checkered vest and red trunks. Initially, the team wore white boots along with their outfit but nowadays they wear white socks along with baton shoes. 

“The checkered design has been around since 1975 when the program started so it is an honor for my teammates and me to continue wearing this uniform as it represents the past and the future of the Gablettes” junior Emma Bartelt said.

The Beginning of the Gablettes 

The iconic Gablette name was actually created on the back of a van. While taking the first group of officers to a dance camp, Mosure realized the team had no name. The girls had to come up with a name before arriving, thus leading to the name we all know today- Gablettes. The name lasted a long time, but in 2001, the Gablettes went through a name change. Bertha Lopez, the director at the time, accepted the first-ever male Gablette, Jimmy Arguello. The team then decided to slightly alter their name to Gablettes & Co. in order to show the inclusion of males in the team. Apart from Arguello, there have only been four other male dancers in the team: Christopher Medina (2007-2010), Esdras Castillo (2010-2013), Kenrik Chirinos (2018-2019) and Chris Caceres (2016-present). 

Competitive Spirit

The Gablettes have been competing since 1989. Up until 1993, they only competed in the high kick category. They later began taking part in the jazz category as well. The team’s first national championship was in 1998 at the Marching Auxilary in Dallas, Texas.  In 1999, the team placed first in two divisions: pom and kick. In 2000 and 2001, they won the kick championship once again. In 2002, the team received another victory in both Varsity Jazz and Varsity High Kick categories at the U.S Drill Competitions. Seven years later, the team brought home another victory, but this time in the Junior Varsity Jazz category at the National Dance Alliance. The team maintained its national win by securing two wins during 2010 and 2011. In 2013, the team received their second Varsity win after eleven years of anticipation and hard work. In 2015, they also dominated two different categories and in 2016 they placed first in JV Kick and third in Team Performance. The Gablettes’ most recent win took place during the 2018-2019 school year when they placed first in Varsity Kick.

Fall Frolics & Gablettes Revue 

Apart from their routine competition schedule, the Gablettes also host exceptional showcases throughout the year, such as Fall Frolics and Gablettes Revue. The first Fall Frolics took place during the 1979-1980 school year. Originally, this was a fundraising opportunity for the Orchesis club. But, when the director gave it up, Mosure took it upon herself to use this opportunity as a way for the dancers to showcase their hard work, dedication and creativity. Fall Frolics has continued to be an event the whole student body looks forward to. Last year, Gablettes coach Erika Diaz decided it was best to have two performance nights. Because of the large number of students, CGHS has two show days to provide everyone with the opportunity to attend. The Gablettes Revue is another showcase that has been a part of the team’s tradition since 1977. This event not only provides team members the opportunity to choreograph routines, but it also provides seniors with a final goodbye to this chapter in their lives.

“Events like Gablettes Revue provide us to the creative freedom to choreograph and perform pieces. Being able to dance alongside my friends and grow as an individual and dancer is such a fulfilling feeling and I have the Gablettes to thank for that,” sophomore Paulina Texier said.

Forty-four years have passed since the Gablettes were introduced to CGHS, yet their awe-striking performances and admirable determination will always leave the student body craving more.

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  • Two years after the founding of the Gablettes the team had established itself as a Gables staple, they performed at all football games, pep rallies and other spirit events.

  • Despite all the years that had passed since the Gablettes were founded their traditional checker uniform is an element that will never change as shown by the 2016 dance team.

  • Gablettes & Co. showcase their senior crowns for the 2019-2020 school year while wearing their timeless checkered uniform.