Catharsis X Marks A Decade of Artistic Expression


Daniela Parra del Riego

After a year of hard work, Catharsis X is out for sale!

Daniela Parra Del Riego, Staff Writer

The second floor of the Ralph Moore building is home to four out of five of Gables’ publications, two of which are published on a regular cycle, while the other two build up anticipation to their major release at the end of the year. Editors-in-Chief scramble to assemble their final product and make it as polished and appealing as possible, which was the case for Catharsis, Gables’s very own literary magazine. Appropriately titled “Leviathan” in honor of Thomas Hobbes’ very own pièce de résistance, this book was a result of the staff’s combined countless hours of creative energy poured into a sleek 110-page magazine that embodies the energy the team wanted to convey.

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Catharsis has really been a home and a community for me, and it has provided such an amazing creative outlet for everyone in the class. I am so proud of this year’s magazine, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for us.

— Sophomore Malika McKenney

Writing cycles for the publication team last a week, with the first day consisting of the introduction of a new skill in creative writing and the rest of the class time in the week being allotted to individual and group brainstorming sessions. In addition to the staff devoting energy to develop specific works, submissions are accepted by anyone willing to send a piece of prose, poetry or drama in for review. The artists work alongside the staff writers to develop artwork that matches the theme of each individual piece of writing to provide a backdrop that would set the tone for the work.

After a piece is written and edited, it is sent to the layout team to figure out how to fit it into the puzzle that is the final magazine. Catharsis was lucky enough to receive funds for a drawing tablet, which enabled the layout team to easily import each individualized drawing into the website used to design the final product. The layout team consists of ten people who were tasked with being the glue that binds the magazine together, and they did so in a way that merged everyone’s work together while still maintaining the individuality of each piece.

“With this being my last magazine, I poured my heart and soul into it. I am so happy that I was able to meet the people I met and create the work I did. The room really is a safe space, and you can express yourself in any way that makes you happy,” senior Nidia Volmar said.

The book was named Leviathan as a result of the very themes that comprised Hobbes’ greatest work. Hobbes drew inspiration from the ideals of individuality and collectivity, while still highlighting the symbiotic nature of the two. The same theme was seen in the Catharsis classroom; individuals worked on their own pieces and made it their own, while still recognizing that each writer had a team they could count on for inspiration.

In honor of this year’s magazine being released, a launch party was held on Thursday, May 9, at Tea & Poets to celebrate the culmination of a year’s hard work. It included a live reading of specific pieces that truly embodied the essence of the magazine and marked the release of the magazine with a bang.

For next year, the team hopes to continue improving and encouraging their staff to continue expressing themselves artistically. The team also hopes to train the new staff to carry on the legacy that Catharsis has created in their ten years at Gables.