The IB Plays Make a Reappearance!


Gregoire Winston

Sabrina Ojeda and Ivan Cajina performing Romeo and Juliet!

Jefrany D'catry, Staff Writer

On May 1st, the International Baccalaureate (IB) theatre classes performed two separate plays at 6:30 pm in the Little Theatre at the school. The event, more commonly known as the IB Plays, featured two plays with the first, which featured the period five IB theater class, being The 10 Worst Breakups of All Time by Ian McWethy followed by an abridged version of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet featuring the period four IB theater class. Both of the productions were directed by theatre teacher Tracy Barrow-Schoenblatt.

In preparation for the show, period five rehearsed weeks beforehand. “Rehearsal was great! We managed to block everything two weeks before the show so we had full rehearsals every class for two weeks,” senior Lucianne Vivas said.

The show began with The 10 Worst Breakups of All Time shortly after doors had closed. The first play opened with characters Katie and Billy, played by seniors Lucianne Vivas and Gigi Garces, discussing the specifics of their school’s prom. Katie asks if they are going to prom together and Billy tells her he will be going with a girl named Jess who does not appear in the play. It is then revealed that he had been dating them both simultaneously for the past three months. Following this revelation, Billy breaks up with Katie and she claims that this is the worst breakup of all time. Due to her exclaiming, time around Katie stops as Eve, played by senior Anna de la O, appears and walks her through a series of the worst breakups of all time.

The first breakup she presents to Katie is between Tina and Teddy at a restaurant. Tina has planned to go to England and decides to break up with Teddy, who was unaware of her departure. Tina was played by junior Estelle Erwich and Teddy was played by senior Miranda Fernandez. The next breakup featured seniors Angie Lopez, Audrey Weigel and Axel Rodriguez who took up the personalities Calvin, Betty, and a restaurant manager. Here, Calvin is a hired messenger that brings Betty bad news. Her boyfriend is breaking up with her. This news sends Betty into a violent fit, which arouses the attention of the restaurant manager. Both the manager and Calvin annoyingly criticize Betty until she has enough and leaves the scene.

Next, Eve takes Katie to the age of cavemen with Ug and Rah who are played by seniors Orlando Montejo and Brianna Curran. Here, Rah explains how she feels like they are distant and don’t really know each other. She breaks up with Ug and they fight. Ultimately, however, Ug is killed by a tiger.

Tony and Shelly are the next breakup example played by seniors Matthew Wagner, Lauren Pettigrew and David Howie as the stuffed animal. On their six month anniversary, Tony gives Shelly a stuffed animal that has a recording which says he wants to break up with her. Elijah, Jessica, and Lincoln are the three involved in the next breakup. During the Civil War, Jessica and Elijah communicated through letters. Here, Elijah wrote a letter under Abraham Lincoln’s name telling her that he died. Jessica, however, sees through this and they break up. The characters are portrayed by seniors Timothy Lamb, Jack Band and Ethan Tolpin.

Veronica, Buddy, Amanda and Cooper, played by seniors Gaby Morales, Mariam Vela, junior Van Galex and senior Jordan Morejon, are having a game night. During charades, Veronica breaks up with Buddy. The next couple is Mandy and Chesterfield, portrayed by senior Trinidad McGraw and junior Erick Diaz. The Alarmist girl, played by senior Tatiana Campos, announces the Stock Market Crash. Due to this, Mandy breaks up with Chesterfield.

The next couple is Julie and Tyler, portrayed by seniors Ceci Rodriguez and Ivan Perez. They are enjoying a nice romantic evening that leads Julie to believe he is proposing to her but ends up asking her to not be his girlfriend anymore. Following that is Abbey and Adam, played by junior August Field and senior Gaby Pujol. Adam decides to break up with Abbey through a surprise party.

The final couple is Guy and Eve, played by junior Erick Diaz and senior Anna De La O. Guy breaks up with her during his rehearsals for Grease the musical. Afterwards, the cast bowed.

After the blackout at the end of the first play, there was a short intermission to allow for a set change and for the audience to greet the members of the play.

The second and final play of the show was Romeo and Juliet performed by Ms. Barrow’s junior class. Romeo and Juliet  were portrayed by Ivan Cajina and Sabrina Ojeda. The rehearsals for this show were not many. Approximately three full run throughs were able to be done. During one of them, Kylie Coulombe who was going to play Tybalt, got a concussion and was unable to perform. Virginia Benedetti took on the role and Vanessa Grau portrayed Gregory, Benedetti’s original character. Despite having a few inconveniences, period four was able to carry out their take on Romeo and Juliet.

Following intermission, the played was opened up by the Prologue (Cristina Kairalla) and both houses standing on opposite sides. It’s followed by Gregory (Vanessa Grau) and Sampson (Lia Rodriguez) play fighting. The scene switches to Romeo, Benvolio (Jorge Valero) and Mercutio (Phoenix Pierre) discussing the reasons behind Romeo’s evident sadness. Then Capulet (Thomas Morcillo) is seen talking about a ball he plans on hosting to Paris (Nayelis Cardenas) and his servant Peter (Jefrany D’catry).

Peter, unable to read, asks Romeo and Benvolio for help which leads to them attending the ball. At the Capulet ball, Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love with one another. The balcony scene that follows, showcases the beginning of their doomed love and the marriage proposal. Friar Laurence (Adrian Vidal) marries them after the Nurse (Makayla Bell) gives Romeo the letter from Juliet.

However, Tybalt (Virginia Benedetti), kills Mercutio which leads to Romeo avenging him with the death of Tybalt. The Prince (Alyssa Camacho) banishes him from Verona. Sadness ensues between the two star-crossed lovers as they part. Juliet agrees to take a potion to appear dead in order to avoid marrying Paris and have her marriage with Romeo. The Friar’s plan to get Romeo back to Verona fails when Balthasar (Bridget Babani) is unable to deliver him the letter explaining the circumstance. In the tomb, Romeo and Juliet die for one another as they believe each has died. The rest of the cast included: Kacey Cruzata as Montague, Estefany Busto as Lady Montague, Jason Wood as Abraham/Friar John, Arianna Rodriguez as Lady Capulet, Emily Kay as Page and Giancarlos Carballea as the Apothecary.

“It was a very fun yet stressful experience. Learning lines in two weeks that are in Shakespearean isn’t the easiest thing in the world but it’s a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. Playing around-eth with thy lines is of the very enternain-eth,” junior Lia Rodriguez said.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed watching the IB Plays and all the effort the students put into their performances. The hard work put into the show could be seen throughout. All of these students have outstanding talent and it is refreshing to watch them perform and give it their all!