Gables’s Interact Service Club


Camilo Bacca

Interact members work together at the Caroling Competitions to raise money for their designated cause.

Albany Muria, Editor

Out of the more than 50 clubs available here at Gables, one of the most beloved has got to be Interact. Current sponsor Ms. De Paola, President Camila Lupi and with the help of the board members try their hardest to make the best of this school year. Ranging from their annual christmas caroling fundraisers to the numerous drives that take place through the club.

“We are a club that does a lot for the community as a whole. We do a variety of drives every year and start drives through our club as well,” Lupi said.

One of the largest fundraisers of the year that Interact hosts is the annual Caroling Competitions  during the Winter. Members of the club volunteer to sell baked goods to raise money for their “adopted” cause.

“Working with Interact at the Caroling Competition is very enjoyable and fun! You get to volunteer which is good, but you also get to hang out with friends and enjoy the caroling,” junior Ciana Hafner said.

Aside from the Caroling competitions, Interact takes tremendous part in numerous 5k’s supporting a specific cause. A few of the walks the club supports annually include: The Kidney Walk, The Heart Walk and HIV/AIDS Walk. The members raise as much money as possible to give back to these causes.

“The goal for this year is to raise as much money as we can to support our ‘adopted’ organizations. The National Kidney Foundation is one we hold very dear, some of the money we raise goes into that one,” De Paola said.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to help the community through Interact’s events. Every little activity that you assist with, can add up in your role of improving the community through a benevolent club. Check out the Club Events Calendar to find out Interact’s meeting dates!