Hannah Cordes
Hannah Cordes is a sporty IB senior in CavsConnect that loves everything there is to love about Gables. Whether it is dressing up for a pep rally or going to football games, Hannah is all about school spirit. She joined CavsConnect in the hopes that she would quickly become familiar with the school and learn what the Cavalier Community is all about. She enjoys being in CavsConnect because it allows her to help and inform others and make everyone's high school experience the best it can be. Besides CavsConnect, Cordes is also the captain of the varsity swim team. She has high hopes to lead to team to their fourth consecutive district title. One of the quotes she strongly believes in and lives by is by Eleanor Roosevelt: "the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

After school, you will most probably find Hannah practicing in the pool, but in the rare occasion that she is neither swimming nor studying, you will find her reading a good fiction or action book. Her friends often describe her as the type of person who's glass is always half full. When she puts her mind to something she achieves it, no matter what kind of obstacle is thrown in her way. Having made the decision to continue with CavsConnect, she knows that her last year at Gables will be full of laughter, success, and memories.

Hannah Cordes, Staff Writer

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Hannah Cordes