Rolling Into a New Season


Logan Morris

Mathew Monjarrez is hoping for a strike.

Hannah Cordes, Sports Editor

This season, the Cavalier bowling team is ready to roll. These proud Cavaliers are set on a long route to States.

Having done a great job last season and had a great start this season, with a two for two win ratio, the bowling team is very passionate for the sport and its members remember to have fun while they are at it. Although bowling teams aren’t very big and consist of only five people, they have a big heart for the game.

“We want to get to States and just have fun,” sophomore and new member of the team Tamara Duester said.

Last year, there was only senior to replace on the team, but this upcoming year there will be three. Mr. Campagna, the returning bowling coach, has been known for coaching the bowling team in the past, and this year he continues his streak.

“One of the things I like the most about being on the bowling team is that we use 134 muscles at every match, but my favorite part is probably the Bird Bowl fries,” senior Logan Morris said.

The team comes together and practices every Thurdsay – this helps team bonding and builds the team’s skills. Being part of bowling has its pluses: it’s fun, you can cheer on your teammates and you can eat.

“My favorite part is that you can eat and play,” junior and team captain Matthew Monjarrez said.

The bowling team’s next match is September 23, at 3:00 versus Ferguson at Bird Bowl. Keep out of their lane, because this team is going to be knocking down the competition.