Swimming Toward Victory

Hannah Cordes and Danae Diaz

For the first time in the Coral Gables’ history the girl’s swim team has experienced an undefeated season followed by a district championship. On October 30th, the entire swim team boarded a bus to Ransom Everglades to compete in this year’s district competition; the entire class 4A district ,11 schools in total, attended. Everyone got on the bus with smiles, headphones, and spirit, but who would’ve known what was to come. As the meet began Gables kept being called for first, second, or even third for various events, and sooner or later the points began adding up. The girls established their lead and just kept swimming with it.

It was the beginning of the end for the swim season, and after boarding the bus the girls were prepared for their triumphant ride back to school with the smell of  chlorine and the first place trophy in their hands; the  girl’s swim team knew that they were leaving their mark on Coral Gables’ history. There were many triumphs within this victory since every swimmer played their part, from the club swimmers to the high school swimmers, and from the newbies to the returning players.The increase in number of members and the well-roundness of the team, as well as the boost in spirit, was obviously one of the major contributors to the win.

Freshman Hannah Banciella won the 100 yard freestyle. “I felt surprised really. I wasn’t expecting it at all; swimming against my teammates is intimidating. So when I looked up at the scoreboard and saw first next to my lane I was well… happy,”  Banciella said about her experience and triumph.

Not only did the girls win, but they dominated with a score of 471 points, which was 132 points ahead of the second place team(Hialeah Gardens). Many people were shocked because there were various excellent teams participating.Although Coral Gables’ swimming has continuously been improving, for the school to have such a blowout win like that was amazing considering the changes that they had to adapt to. From a change in districts to loosing an assistant coach, gaining a new one and even having such a large underclassmen body,which is more of a push rather than a hindrance, even their own head coach was surprised by the wins.

“I knew the girls would win, but I didn’t think they would win by over 100 points,” reacted Coach Donis to the lady Cavaliers’ victory.

Throughout the season the swimmers built up confidence, upheld their undefeated streak, and had a fun experience. Some were shocked with the outcome from districts while others expected it;they were all grateful for it ,and knew that it was the result of a long season of hard work.

When asked how well she believed the girls would preform,sophomore Alexandra Holian said  “Yes, I had a feeling we would win. I expected the best from my girls and that’s exactly what we did; we delivered and came out on top.”

The team’s unity and its friendly competition helped lead them to this point; it showed how they are more than a team, they are beyond that with an inseparable bond. The winning streak at the beginning of the year really got the ball rolling for both teams, the boys who received 3rd at districts and the girls who used that momentum towards the district win. However, it was the enthusiasm and team spirit that essentially kept them going throughout the season ,and gave them the extra push they needed to get Gables the district title.

“I think the team is so much more spirited this year. Everyone’s lifted spirits helped motivate each other to swim faster. The positive vibe really contributed to the overall result,” sophomore Cathryn Cordes said.

The next step to most of the CGHS’ swimmers is regionals held ,yet again, at Ransom Everglades on November 5.The top 2 swimmers  in each event from every district will be there to represent their teams.