Athlete of the Week: William Blet

Hannah Cordes

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IB Senior Brunch
May 28, 2017
This week's athlete of the week is William Blet for helping take down two major district rivals.


This week’s athlete of the week is William Blet for helping take down two major district rivals.

This week’s athlete of the week is senior William Blet, who was a key player in the Cavaliers’ wins against their district rivals, Braddock and Columbus. Blet averaged 24 points, 11 rebounds and 2 block shots in each game. Blet has always had a passion for basketball and has been inspired by his family and professional basketball players.

“Even before I started liking basketball, I would always watch the Miami Heat play. Dwyane Wade was the star on the Heat for a long time and I always looked up to him because he  played hard and never quit on a play. Wade, and a mixture of my late grandfather that always wanted me to be successful in basketball, drive me to play the way I do now,” Blet said.

Blet has been playing basketball since he was in second grade at his elementary school, Sunset Elementary, where he befriended Tristian Huebner who is not only his current teammate, but also Blet’s close friends. Since then, Blet participated in many leagues and also played a variety of other sports, such as baseball and soccer. However, basketball was the only sport that stuck with Blet, and thank goodness it did. One of Blet’s favorite memories was last year when he made a game winning shot to bring home the district title.

I made the basket with 4.8 seconds left and they couldn’t score. We all stormed the court and we had tears of happiness,”

— Blet

Blet transferred to Gables with Huebner after spending their freshmen year at Coral Reef Senior High, and he is now in the Academy of Finance.  From hitting the weight room twice a week to special workouts, Blet is working hard to live out his goal of playing in college. Blet currently has two scholarship opportunities, but has remained undecided and is keeping his options open. Blet spends his time in between practice very efficiently by working on school whenever he can, but when he has free time he enjoys playing video games and volleyball. Blet enjoys hanging out with his teammates after practices and even before games.

“My favorite part of being on this team is that I’ve known most of these guys, even the ones that have transferred, for a few years now, so we all have a connection. We don’t only see each other on the court. We’re good friends off the court as well. After almost every practice someone comes over to my house so I can beat them in a game of 2k,” Blet said.

Keep an eye out for number 32, William Blet. With his drive to succeed he will surely be dunking on the competition.