Gables United brings social education and service together

Gables United, a new club to Gables, has made it their goal to shed light on new topics and inspire others to assist the less fortunate

Courtesy of Gables United.

Courtesy of Gables United.

Maya Shah, highlights newsmagazine contributor

            Gables United is a community service organization new to the school leading with powerful intentions. The organization aims to offer an environment for students to be educated on issues that are not often spoken about in public settings, and provides chances for members to give back to those who are in need. They cover topics that have been stigmatized such as homelessness, mental illness and poverty. During a year where many have fallen into uncertain and adverse life circumstances, Gables United hopes to help struggling students know that they are not alone in their difficulties and that there is always a better outcome at the end of their current situation. 

            The idea for this group was born from a board member’s real experience with a distressing incident. The President of Gables United, junior Hannah Fabing-Gonzalez, knows firsthand how isolating traumatic events can be. In her eighth grade year, a house fire left her and her family without a home, without most necessities and without many beloved memories. It took her some time to be ready to open up about this experience, since homelessness is not something that is typically discussed in school. Although Fabing-Gonzalez recognizes that she is lucky to have had family and friends to help her family during that time, she knows that not everyone has such supportive people in their lives. This inspired her to come up with a way to get involved personally with helping raise awareness about such issues and help. 

            “We do not hear much about [many topics that many students experience], so I took it into my own hands to create something that will help people and educate others,” Fabing-Gonzalez said. 

            The organization is partnered with the Gables Interact community service club. Once a month during an Interact meeting, the Gables United board members are allowed to speak to those who joined the meeting. The Interact board members introduce the group and then allows them their time to carry out their own meeting. Their sponsor, English teacher Margarite DePaola, oversees all their PowerPoint presentations and social media posts to fact check them and see if they are appropriate. 

            “Ms. DePaola and the Interact board have been extremely helpful throughout the process of making our group and letting our dreams and ideas become reality,” Fabing-Gonzalez said. 

            The board is paving the way for a successful future of Gables United. They hope that by the next school year, the club will be ready to stand alone. Via their Instagram, @gablesunited, they plan to add more infographic posts about events related to the group to increase student engagement. The board is also working on creating a specialized website for the organization allowing easier access to information relating to their cause and their events. The board has had to come up with creative ways to grab students’ attention online such as being more interactive on social media given that virtual school has made it more difficult to raise awareness on important topics on campus.  

            To get more involved with Gables United , be sure to follow their Instagram and join the Interact teams on Microsoft Teams for updates. Meetings are held every first Monday of the month. Students can get up to two community service hours per meeting attended through the Interact club. 

            “[Gables United] helps shed a light towards things that need to be shown through a different perspective, it can change students’ attitudes towards these topics in a positive way,” junior Princesa Madriz said.

Gables United will continue to expand their positive influence over students across the school while staying true to their commitment to community service and awareness.