Albums of the summer: An insight into summer’s new beats

The radio was turned up all summer as the perfect albums were released for fans of tropical, sassy and calming beats.

From  Beyoncé’s motivational words in the lyrics of her songs, to Harry Styles’s soothing voice, Miami’s radio stations were filled throughout the summer with promising new album releases, making it a memorable time for the industry and the city. 

Most notably recognized as being one of the most successful artists in history with 28 grammy winning records and countless hit singles, Beyoncé came out of her six-year hiatus with her newest album, Renaissance on July 29. Incorporating Afro-beats in remembrance of her childhood during her song “Move,” showing love for the LGBTQ+ community by working with stars like Big Freedia and playing tribute to her late gay Uncle Jonny, Beyoncé blessed listeners with an album that can be summarized as a masterpiece.

The album itself goes through several emotions that the listener can feel not only through the detailed lyrics and melody of the songs, but in her tone and the strong facial expressions seen in her music videos. Her song “Break my soul,” for example, expresses how no one should let people dictate how they feel about something or who they are as a person.  

Renaissance preaches self-improvement, motivating listeners to want to become the best version of themselves. As heard in her song ALIEN SUPERSTAR, where she is “Too classy for this world, forever I’m that girl,” Beyoncé is trying to state that confidence is crucial for someone to feel like they are beyond what they think they are, no matter what others have to say about them. 

“Beyoncé’s way of motivating others, especially when the world seems to be suffering, is beautiful. She really knows how to use her popularity for the better,” sophomore Daniela Sanchez said. 

Apart from Beyoncé, artist Harry Styles released his newest album, Harry’s House, on May 20, just in time for summer. Every song on the album was a surprise to his fans due to  the use of different beats, melodies and lyrics, unlike anything he’s released before. 

“It’s a very groovy album and a genre of music that wasn’t expected from him, but that was amazing,” senior Sofia Verdi said. 

One of the major hits, “As It Was,” is a mood changer that everyone can not only sing along to but also relate to in various ways. The song itself is a commercial favorite, ranking at number two on the Top 100 Hits and constantly playing at parties and of course, Miami’s beaches. Styles’ album was one of the most played albums this summer according to Billboard and will continue to be played until his new music is released. 

Lastly, one of the most anticipated artists of the summer, Calvin Harris, finally released Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2, the sequel of one of his most popular albums, Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1. On August 5th, fans were delighted to find out that his hiatus, beginning in 2017, was finally over. Leaving them with a set of smooth and tropical beats that encapsulate the perfect boat day in the listeners’ heads, it did not fall short of Harris’ reputation of producing great songs that are difficult not to dance to. 

“Harris’ albums never miss, they are super chill to listen to wherever and whenever,” senior Michael Sanabria said. 

Together, these three albums brought out new sides to each artist, as well as the listeners who got to switch up their listening activity throughout the long summer, leaving everyone wanting more.