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S.O.S. Cuba Extension

An extension of Insight Issue 1, Volume 61.
Georgia Rau and Carolina Castro October 22, 2021

Faith Diaz Q: How do you feel about the S.O.S Cuba movement? A: I honestly think that the movement should have been started a long time ago. I am Cuban and so is my whole family. I have family...

Lee is Crespos newest artwork. Courtesy of Fabian Crespo

A Renaissance Man: Fabian Crespo

Senior Fabian Crespo tell of his passion for art and wrestling, all while revealing his hopes for the future.
Cristel Cantarero, highlights newsmagazine contributor January 13, 2021

           Jocks are stereotyped as one-dimensional, with little focus on academics and only care about sports. However, junior wrestler Fabian Crespo has actively disproved these stereotypes since...

Although only starting at Gables in 2019, Patricia Passwaters has already left a big mark on her students, leading her to winning Rookie Teacher of the Year. Courtesy of Coral Gables Senior High School.

A Rock Star Rookie: Patricia Passwaters

Patricia Passwaters, one of the rookie teachers of the year, expresses her joy of receiving such an honor
Fernando Largaespada, highlights newsmagazine contributor January 13, 2021

            Within and out of the classroom, teachers often spend hours educating their students and ensuring that they get the best quality education. As a result of such performance, there are...

Courtesy of Gables United.

Gables United brings social education and service together

Gables United, a new club to Gables, has made it their goal to shed light on new topics and inspire others to assist the less fortunate
Maya Shah, highlights newsmagazine contributor December 21, 2020

            Gables United is a community service organization new to the school leading with powerful intentions. The organization aims to offer an environment for students to be educated on issues...

Cavalier Cosplayer

From hours of preparation to finding the right costumes, highlights takes a look into the cosplaying world of Kai Guin
Natalie Falls, highlights newsmagazine contributor December 7, 2020

             Captivated by the elaborate costumes, cool props, and fascinating personas, sophomore Kai Guin has had a passion for the art of cosplay ever since the sixth-grade. Guin is drawn into...

Isabella Morales/ highlights

Powerful Women In American History

Marcela Rondon, highlights newsmagazine contributor December 1, 2020

The United States government has been notably patriarchal throughout history, often overshadowing the many accomplishments women have had in U.S. politics. However, they have played a very critical part...

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FALLing Into Fun

As the aroma of pumpkin and cinnamon spice brings warmth and coziness to the chilly air, these fall activities can still be done while remaining safe at home
DeeAnne Montero, highlights newsmagazine contributor December 1, 2020

Fall Foods

As pumpkin spice flavored everything begins to go on sale at local markets, it is the perfect time to enjoy this cozy flavor in the comfort of home. These two pumpkin-inspired recipes will lead to total fun in the kitchen and a chance to spend quality time with loved ones
DeeAnne Montero, highlights newsmagazine contributor December 1, 2020

Pumpkin spice and all things nice! Pumpkin Bread Ingredients: ½ cup of oil 1 ¾ cups granulated sugar Two large eggs 15 oz. can pumpkin puree Two cups all purpose flour One tbsp....

Autumn Activities

Other than baking at home, there are still numerous activities that are autumn related that can be done safely if the right precautions are taken
DeeAnne Montero, highlights newsmagazine contributor December 1, 2020

Candle Making             For those who enjoy the smell of such cozy spices rather than flavor, candle making is a great way to bring the warm scents of autumn into one’s home. There are tons...

Freshmen are often overwhelmed going into high school. Gregoire Winston/ highlights

A New World For Freshmen

As freshmen make the switch from middle to high school, two freshmen share their tips on how they will manage this transition
Gregoire Winston, highlights newsmagazine Co-Online Editor November 2, 2020

     Year after year, freshmen transition from middle to high school. This daunting task exposes them to a radical change in scenery, having to discover a brand new campus, new teachers and classmates....

Annually held on Nov. 11, Veterans Day remembers and celebrates those who sacrificed their lives for the nation.
Gregoire Winston/highlights

Victorious Veterans

Students with veteran family members recount untold military feats and accomplishments
Fernando Largaespada, highlights newsmagazine contributor November 2, 2020

     Veteran’s Day, a national holiday held on Nov. 11, praises and honors military veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Among the many who have served this country, the school’s...

Pictured here is Benedetti in her wrestling uniform. Courtesy of Victoria Benedetti

Victoria Benedetti: Wrestling Warrior

Although wrestling is a male-dominated sport, that doesn’t stop senior Victoria Benedetti from surpassing these gender limitations
Camila Aitken, highlights newsmagazine contributor November 2, 2020

     For centuries, wrestling has been a male-dominated sport. However, as inequality between gender roles has started to dissipate, women are experiencing increasing opportunities in sports. Many women...

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