Cavalier Cosplayer

From hours of preparation to finding the right costumes, highlights takes a look into the cosplaying world of Kai Guin

             Captivated by the elaborate costumes, cool props, and fascinating personas, sophomore Kai Guin has had a passion for the art of cosplay ever since the sixth-grade. Guin is drawn into the immersive and engaging experience that cosplay has to offer, for being able to transform into his favorite characters, as it fuels his passion for the arts.  

            Guin finds cosplay, the process of becoming the persona of a character, to be very unique and hands-on.  He enjoys pouring in every ounce of effort into assuring himself that every detail of his character is just perfect, especially when it comes down to the costume.

Guin (left) is cosplaying Armin Arlet at a convention alongside his friend sophomore Isabella Miguelez (right). Courtesy of Kai Guin.

Guin deeply enjoys creating his favorite character’s costumes from scratch, for such a project combines his skill for crafting articles by hand and his love for all things cosplay. After having completed the task, he finds that the tremendous sense of accomplishment in seeing the final product and the thrill of getting into character are the greatest reward.

            “I love making things and doing things with my hands. I also love having projects that I work on over a long time, that it feels great to finish! I also am very passionate about some characters and cosplay allows me to vent that passion into making something,” Guin said.  

            Not only has Guin’s love and passion for cosplay inspired him to express himself through his costumes, but it has also inspired him to share his talent with other fellow cosplayers. Guin has evolved and even begun helping others piece together their character and enabling them to experience the same thrill of transforming into their character.    

            “Definitely armor and prop making. I love making things like that. I actually will make other people cosplay props for no extra money as long as they pay for the supplies that I don’t have, simply because I love making them,” Guin said.  

            Apart from the intricate costumes and props that allow cosplayers to immerse themselves in their favorite characters, Guin feels that the cosplay community plays a huge role in enhancing the overall experience.

In this image, Guin is showing off his cosplay of Yamaguchi Tadash. Courtesy of Kai Guin.

Its members create a supportive and familial environment that preaches acceptance and an overall love for the art of cosplay. This environment has granted Guin a safe place to fully indulge in his passions and connect with not only his character, but with others who share the same love for cosplay as him.     

Of course there are toxic cosplayers as there are in every community, but for the most part, the cosplay community has been a really accepting and supportive one,” Guin said.  “Everyone is really passionate about something so you don’t get ostracized for your weird interests or level of intensity in it as much.”

            With a profound love for the art of cosplay, Guin finds his passions come to life as he works diligently to ensure that every project runs smoothly and that every detail is accounted for as he becomes one with his character.