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S.O.S. Cuba Extension

An extension of Insight Issue 1, Volume 61.
Georgia Rau and Carolina Castro October 22, 2021

Faith Diaz Q: How do you feel about the S.O.S Cuba movement? A: I honestly think that the movement should have been started a long time ago. I am Cuban and so is my whole family. I have family...

Cristiano Ronaldo is Manchester Uniteds new superstar. Courtesy of INews.

Social Media In The Sports Industry

Social media has supported fandom more and more, consequently losing the true nature of sports and sport culture.
Lenox Balzebre, highlights Newsmagazine Contributor October 4, 2021

     After Manchester United announced their acquisition of the renowned soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, social media platforms spiraled with chaos. In less than two hours, over one million people...

Issue 2, Volume 61

Issue 2, Volume 61

Gregoire Winston, highlights newsmagazine Co-Online Editor October 4, 2021

Click here to access Issue 2, Volume 61.  

The Afghanistan army lining up, wearing protective masks and carrying guns. Courtesy of The Institute of International Affairs.

Twenty years in Afghanistan

A look into America’s longest war, including its tensions and contradictions.
Juan Fajardo, highlights Newsmagazine Contributor October 4, 2021

     The Afghanistan conflict is an ongoing, 43-year-old endeavor, in which the U.S. has been directly involved from 2001-2021. This has been a period characterized by foreign intervention, political...

The Potato Corner offers customers a variety of potato-based options, including tater tots, curly fries, waffle fries and seasoned French fries. Courtesy of The Potato Corner.

The Potato Corner, doing potatoes the right way!

Whether it be French fries, tater tots or baked potatoes, there is something at the Potato Corner for all to enjoy.
Alana Gonzalez, highlights Newsmagazine Contributor October 4, 2021

     The bright fluorescent light covers every inch of the small Potato Corner Kiosk located in Southland Mall. Potato Corner’s popularity is seen throughout the area, as one can spot numerous people...

Lee is Crespos newest artwork. Courtesy of Fabian Crespo

A Renaissance Man: Fabian Crespo

Senior Fabian Crespo tell of his passion for art and wrestling, all while revealing his hopes for the future.
Cristel Cantarero, highlights newsmagazine contributor January 13, 2021

           Jocks are stereotyped as one-dimensional, with little focus on academics and only care about sports. However, junior wrestler Fabian Crespo has actively disproved these stereotypes since...

The COVID-19 vaccine being manufactured and distributed worldwide. Courtesy of The Georgia Department of Public Health

From Hope to Reality

After being tested and proved to be very effective, the newly developed COVID-19 vaccine has been released to hospitals in the past few weeks.
Alex Brazda, highlights newsmagazine contributor January 13, 2021

           Since the global shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists have spent months researching and developing an effective vaccine. Although the COVID-19 vaccine has not been distributed...

Space Xs rocket, Falcon 9, launches from Cape Canaveral.

Return To Space

Falcon 9 rocket launched with four astronauts bound for the International Space Station on Nov. 16.
Rafael Sans, highlights newsmagazine contributor January 13, 2021

           The SpaceX Dragon 1 capsule, housing four astronauts, made it to the International Space Station (ISS) at 11 p.m. Eastern Time, on Monday, Nov. 16. This is a significant moment in the...

The Salmon Philly Empanada is one of the best sellers. Courtesy of The Empanadas

The Key To Your Cravings!

The Empanadas on Key Biscayne is the ideal solution to satisfy both sweet and salty cravings.
Daniela Calderon, highlights newsmagazine contributor January 13, 2021

          There is nothing like the smell of a fresh meal straight out of the oven, a rich aroma that floats in every room of the house and radiates the feeling of home. At The Empanadas in Key Biscayne,...

Although only starting at Gables in 2019, Patricia Passwaters has already left a big mark on her students, leading her to winning Rookie Teacher of the Year. Courtesy of Coral Gables Senior High School.

A Rock Star Rookie: Patricia Passwaters

Patricia Passwaters, one of the rookie teachers of the year, expresses her joy of receiving such an honor
Fernando Largaespada, highlights newsmagazine contributor January 13, 2021

            Within and out of the classroom, teachers often spend hours educating their students and ensuring that they get the best quality education. As a result of such performance, there are...

Essential oils have been around for decades, but have only become popular after the harsh effects of candles were recognized. Courtesy of Pixabay.

Candles out, diffusers in

Trending swaps for candles, such as diffusers and essential oils, have provided not only a more safe but simple way to enjoy different aromas
DeeAnne Montero, highlights newsmagazine contributor January 13, 2021

            There is no avoiding the multitude of advertisements seen daily intended to persuade viewers to purchase diffusers or a kit of essential oils. However, many people are questioning why...

Courtesy of Gables United.

Gables United brings social education and service together

Gables United, a new club to Gables, has made it their goal to shed light on new topics and inspire others to assist the less fortunate
Maya Shah, highlights newsmagazine contributor December 21, 2020

            Gables United is a community service organization new to the school leading with powerful intentions. The organization aims to offer an environment for students to be educated on issues...

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