Karla Santoyo
Finally considered a part of the IB family, junior Karla Santoyo always reaches for the gold. She plays an active role in in the newest club National Spanish Honor Society as historian along with being bulletin editor of Key Club. Her strong-willed dedication is what makes her who she is.This year her goal is simple: balance all oh her plate equally yet effectively.
At first glance, you’d see a girl with her head held high, books in hands, and with the typical glasses, but if you were to take the time to know who she was, her unique personality-full of sarcasm and very vivacious-is what gives her a different outlook as a person.
Karla has a love for adventure and is always optimistic. Aside from her annual trips to the extravagant Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic, she’s also traveled to the city that never sleeps (NYC), the capital (D.C), and even went to visit the David by Micheangelo.
She enjoys listening to music and spending time with her family and friends. In addition, she has a hobby of photography because she believes those precious moments are worth capturing. For her, pictures recreate those feelings and that moment once lived.Concealed is Karla's passion for dancing.Since the age of 5, Karla has been enrolled in over three variations of dance ranging from the elegant and graceful form of ballet to the spicy Latin style of merengue.
Always with a smile on her face,she believes laughter will always be the best medicine.When things turn sour, add a little sugar to make it sweet.

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Karla Santoyo, Editor-in-Chief

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Karla Santoyo