War of the Tablets


Which reading tablet suits you?

Karla Santoyo, Opinion & Copy Editor

The all out “Kindle-Nook-iPad” war between the competing brands has commenced. Is the long-living leading brand Apple losing its place to competitors in the market such as Barnes and Noble’s classic Nook HD and Amazon’s exclusive Kindle Fire HD ? Whether you are reading a magazine or novel, watching a video or downloading the latest apps, which tablet suits you: Nook HD, Kindle Fire HD or iPad mini?

Kindle Fire HD:

This 7-inch color tablet by Amazon is not only limited for reading books, but ranges from photo and video editing to exclusive web-browsing, and even is able to display your favorite movies. Starting at $139, this tablet model offers a remarkable HD screen display of a higher resolution than its apple competitor. It even includes built-in double stereo speakers for a stunning surround sound. Lasting for up to 10 hours of battery life, the kindle is known for its exclusive X-Ray service. It allows the reader to open when reading a book or even when watching a movie, and uncovers extra information about the media such as biographies, main ideas, background information and much more. The user can highlight and take notes right on the book. Also included is the ability to second screen. Thus, manage from your kindle to watch movies, videos and TV shows and displayed on a second screen such as from your own TV. The Amazon Silk web browser includes reading view, a program which removes the unnecessary images for an easy-to-read display. In addition, it comes with a built-in cloud service similar to the iPad to store photos, music, books, etc.

This Amazon model is the heaviest of all three, and it lacks a wall charger when purchased. One must buy it separate for an extra fee of a mere price ranging from $10-20. The kindle lacks a built-in camera and, unlike the iPad, offers little user customization. The default backgrounds cannot be personalized. It has no privacy control settings so users who share devices have access to your entire web history. In addition, it is limited to one-click purchases, meaning there are no blocks on books of adult content. It does not come with a built-in anti glare screen, but one can be purchased.

Apple iPad Mini:

The iPad mini, one of apple’s smallest and sleekest models of the iPad, has a 7.9-inch screen display. Starting at $399, the tablet has the exclusive iOS 7 web browsing and includes the widest app collection for users to choose from. For those who enjoy reading, iBooks is the app to download on the apple product. It allows for a free sample to any book before purchase, multi-touch books with interactive videos and photos, and highlighting and bookmarking options of your favorite pages. There is the ability to adjust up to 7 different fonts, change levels of brightness for easy reading and share quotes to social media sites. In addition, there is a feature to search for words and phrases that is built-in. The only tablet with a camera, both a front-facing and back one. Limited to only apple products, the apps of safari, iPhoto, iMovie FaceTime, and even siri, an automated assistant navigator.

This latest apple products seems to have a lower quality resolution compared to the HD models of the Kindle and Nook. The glossy display hinders the ability to read outside because it casts a glare with direct light. Unlike the Nook, the storage capacity of the iPad mini cannot be upgraded and it lacks a micro-SD slot. Google maps does not seem to be compatible with this apple product as well as Flash. This model is expensive compared to the variety of reading tablets such as the Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Nobles’ Nook.

Nook HD:

With thousands of books, magazines, TV shows to choose from, the Nook HD tablet has a 7-inch screen display. At a starting price of $129, this latest model is now compatible with Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and even chrome for high-speed web browsing. The Nook has an ultra-crisp HD resolution display of minimal glare when reading in direct light. Thus, facilitates reading outdoors.  It not only has the cloud storage service, but also an expandable memory when you add a micro SD card. With built-in Wi-Fi and access to Google Play for a variety of apps, the tablets comes with the exclusive Nook Scrapbook that allows the user to save magazine/catalog pages where you left to go back and enjoy later. You can adjust the brightness levels and take notes for easy reading. In addition, there are services included such as parental controls, boook-lending and borrowing, and even built-in Bluetooth support.

With limited apps to choose from due to its sponsor, Barnes and Nobles, the tablets has no camera included in the model. It has the weakest app selection of the three and is unable to video chat due to the lack of a camera. This tablet is also the heaviest and thickest compared to the Apple and Amazon model.

Whether you buy the Nook specialized for reading with a special screen for no glare, the iPad for its variety of apps and exclusive services or the Kindle for its one of a kind X-Ray service, all of the following tablets are high-selling in the markets right now. The winner of the “Kindle-Nook-iPad war is all up to the reader. Find the tablet that best suits you, the user.