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Anyone but You: Fans in Awe As They Leave the Theater

The new romcom provides the perfect plot for this modern era
Joseph Abrahantes
Anyone but You generated $6 million during its opening weekend.

Director: Will Gluck

Release date: Dec. 22, 2023

MPAA Rating: R

Cast: Sydney Sweeney, Glen Powell, Darren Barnet, Alexandra Shipp, Charlee Fraser, GaTa, Hadley Robinson and more

Our rating: A

Another love story has officially hit the theaters. As our Cavaliers go watch the movie in awe, they fall in love with the romcom of the year. Anyone but You has received a lot of hype from social media, but it has fully lived up to fans’ high expectations. As families and friends go watch the film, they find themselves laughing or crying in some sad moments. One of the ways this movie has appealed to watchers is its perfect balance of comedy and emotions. Many people would say that the movie has lived up to its hype.

“I really liked the movie; it was such a fun fictional situation. I found myself feeling butterflies throughout, constantly anticipating what Bea or Ben would do next”, freshman Valentina Amador said.

This romcom is not like any romcom we have seen in the past. This is because the two main characters Bea and Ben, played by Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, have already had history before being put into awkward situations. This enhances the story since they have had an unpleasant past; the writing perfects the classic “enemies to lovers” trope.

While wanting to use the bathroom, Bea stops at a coffee shop and needed to get in line, but the line was far too long. Ben, about to buy coffee, notices her struggles and claims that she is his “wife”, getting her the key to use the bathroom. They bond over that interaction and spend the rest of the day together. After a goodnight sleep of talking and laughing, Bea leaves the next morning, leaving Ben confused and frustrated.

A few months later, however, Bea and Ben are brought together by a wedding.  This starts up compelling fights and romantic moments. This movie truly keeps the viewer on their toes; the plot is unpredictable but still character-driven.

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“I felt the movie was very catchy and appealing and I feel that it shows how enemies to lovers is a real thing. I feel connected to this movie because it shows what true love looks like and because maybe one day I will have my own experience like this one,” freshman Sienna Turconi said.

The movie brings a new structure of ideas for future romcoms. Showing that the characters already know each other before disaster happens or they fall in love creates for a more developed relationship. People like this new way of romcoms since it is original and adds suspense and tension. Over the course of the film, Bea and Ben fall in love and show immense personal growth. Of course all the coincidences are not so ordinary, but what is a romcom without crazy connections!

“Anyone but You is not like every ordinary romcom and I think it is inspiring because there are more life issues that actually happen in real life. Not only that but I also think it was a hilarious film. There are so many scenes where I caught myself laughing,” freshman Carolina Sesin said.

Bea and Ben have many love scenes and hate scenes; these are so consistently well acted in part because of the chemistry between the leads. Sweeney and Powell were able to play those roles perfectly and really brought the film to life. It is almost hard to believe while watching them that the strong connections between their characters have not transferred to real life. Their characters had so much to learn, since before anything happened they were uptight and not easy to talk to or open up. Selling that progression and character development was no easy feat, but Sweeney and Powell met the challenge.

“Anyone but You really exceeded my expectations and I loved how the plot kept me intrigued throughout the film. Ben and Bea had such a great start and went downhill and then back uphill. From friends to enemies to lovers, I thought it was adorable how they fell in love and I think Sweeney and Powell did a great job portraying their characters and the dynamic of their relationship as it changed throughout the film,” senior Alexandra Roa said.

The love story Anyone but You is inspired by Shakespeare’s play “Much Ado About Nothing”, which is referenced many times throughout the film, according to scriptwriter IIana Wolpert. This film has revitalized the romcom genre thanks to its engaging twists; it demonstrates that artistic creativity is rewarded by moviegoers. This is definitely a movie to add to your bucket list; watch with friends or family, sit back, relax and enjoy!

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