Graduation Is Not Always Goodbye


Karla Santoyo

Keeping in touch with old friends is a lot of work, but definitely worth it!

Mariam Ahumada, Staff Writer

Out of the all the tough experiences that a high school student must face, saying goodbye at graduation is definitely the hardest. As best friends, families and couples are torn apart by distance, the chances of close relationships surviving become slim to none. Luckily, the following tips can help make the difference between drifting apart and keeping in touch.

“It’s definitely possible to stay in touch with old friends! Preserving friendships is definitely important and we shouldn’t just forget our old friends once we’ve made new ones,” senior Allyssa Dobkins said.

Simple but Crucial– Keeping in touch with friends relies on being able to contact them on a regular basis. Before graduation make sure to jot down your friends’ basic contact information, such as their phone number, email and, if possible, their parents’ number. This way you will always have a way of contacting them.

It’s the Little Things– In many cases keeping in touch does not always require going long distances. Calling to catch up, or to simply ask how a friend’s day has been, is one of the simplest ways someone can keep in touch. Many times the littlest things can preserve a friendship.

Make it Personal– Even though calling, messaging and video-chatting are all great ways of keeping in touch, none are more important than face-to-face interactions. Schedule to meet up on a day that you are off of school; spending time together during school breaks is a great way to keep in touch and will surely build a bond that is hard to break.

Be There for What’s Important– A high school student’s transition into college will bring unexpected experiences that can change one’s life for the better. Make sure to share these memories, and make them moments that both you and your longtime friends will carry for the rest of your lives.

Expect Change– Change is constant throughout life, and experiences change people both for better and for worse. It is necessary to decide what friendships are most worthy of your time, and once you’ve decided, your friendships will be all the more strong.

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I think people should work towards keeping in touch with old friends while making a new life and meeting new people. You can’t let your old friends go, but at the same time you can’t let them hold you back from starting a new life.

— junior Dayana Martinez

Keeping in touch with friends after graduation requires work, but in the end it is worth all the trouble. Even though it is always a good idea to move on and experience new things, it is also important to recognize and cherish the people who made your high school experience worth the while.