Calls For a Celebration

Karla Santoyo, Copy & Opinion Editor

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Leadership. Success. Service. To obtain the following teamwork and dedication is required, and this is what Key Club strives amongst its members. For their hard work year-round, members gather to celebrate May 21st at Siga La Vaca around 6:30pm. Key clubbers gathered with their fancy attire in the back room reserved for banquets in anticipation for the night that was to come about.

“The banquet turned out great and everyone had a good time with their friends. Awards were given and the new officers were introduced. This was the first banquet, but definitely not the last,” junior President Daniel Regalado said.

Due to overbooking, this year the club at CGHS was not able to attend DCON (District Education and Leadership Conference),

in which all Florida Key Clubs congregate. DCON had to refund thousands of dollars back to several clubs that were not able to stay at the hotel and attend the convention. Ms.Cosgrove, the club sponsor, came up with the idea to celebrate the ending of the year with a dinner as a close family. Siga La Vaca, authentic Argentinian cuisine, was the location decided upon since it was nearby with a friendly environment, and not to mention its delicious food.

“DCON overbooked this year. They had to return the full payments of over 300 people because there wasn’t enough hotel space. As a result, the money fundraised for DCON went toward our first annual banquet. Next year, we hope to fundraise enough to do both DCON and the banquet,” Ms.Cosgrove said.

The members gathered around the temping, yet exaggerated meat buffet which included everything from chicken to sausages and corn. All of which was cooked to the taste of the student. Many stood up for seconds and even thirds while other decided to take a look at the appetizing salad bar. As students finished their meals, certificates of membership were being passed out alongside a pin for those who exemplified dedication in the year 2013-2014. Although Key Club wasn’t able to physically attend DCON, members applied for certain awards, which they later received that night.

“A banquet was a fun way to socialize and recognize each other’s achievements in service, from members building libraries in an underprivileged school in Paraguay to bringing socks to an orphanage in Haiti,” Ms.Cosgrove said.

This dinner was much more than an end-of-the-year celebration, it was all about acknowledging the different ways members help others as a part of Key Club. Service is their mission, but caring is their way of life.


“It was a fun night with amazing steak, recognition for outstanding members, and the induction of the new board. The restaurant was perfect for the occasion-distinguished just like Key Club,” sophomore Joseph Villafane said.

Distinguished President Award:

Daniel Regalado

Distinguished Members:

Micheal Hammond

Nicolas Diaz

Elizabeth Barba

Antoinette Avila