Behind the Scenes: Our New MC

Karla Santoyo, Editor-in-Chief

1.Tell us a little about yourself. (any hobbies, favorite colors,etc)

I like the color red; its my favorite color, no reason. I like to dance, and talk to people and dance. I think I said that already, but everything, you know?

2.How’d you end up on stage as the new MC?

I came back from summer and was talking to Ms.Barrow. She said Ms. Mo and Suarez want you to be the new MC and I said ‘hey, that’s great!’ It was a sudden thing.

3. How do you feel up there in the spotlight?

I love it, honestly. I’m really used to it since I do acting and I’m in improv troupe, the troupe class and have taken IB acting for a year now. So, Im just really into it.

4.Name 3 adjectives friends would describe you as.

Crazy, energetic and vivid.

5. There’s a rumor going on that you’re the certain ladies man. How would you charm me?

“How would I charm you?”

6. Is there really a fan club of red heads?

Well I heard something about that; they said it might be true or might not be. I don’t know, but I think it is… just a little.