And the Crown Goes To…


Leonardo Alvarez

Senior Leonardo Alvarez became the winner of the senior crown contest after receiving the most likes on Instagram.

Miguel Lemus, Staff Writer

To most of the student body, senior year is a bittersweet ending to high school as students will soon be starting off a new chapter in their lives after graduation. As students anticipate their final year on campus, they look forward to participating in upcoming events like Grad Bash, Prom and Spirit Week.

Typically, days prior to their last first day of high school, most seniors take the initiative to gather with friends to make their senior crowns together. Seniors traditionally decorate their crown according to their personality and best high school memories. In order to showcase and reward those seniors who incorporated their own unique twist on their crowns, CavsConnect hosted a competition through social media for the chance to win senior gear. Out of the many submissions, senior Leonardo Alvarez won the first place through the number of likes placed on his respective comment.

“I feel like this is going be an amazing year but most likely going to be the saddest year because after this year I might never get to see some of my friends again,” senior Leonardo Alvarez said.

At first, Alvarez did not plan to make a crown, nevertheless win the competition, but his friends encouraged him to plan a day in which they could all get together and reminisce over their best memories of the past three years. That same day they decided to work on their crowns as the last bonding experience before school started. To many, the last year of high school provokes many different emotions, but Alvarez hopes to cherish his time with his friends before they say farewell to pursue different paths.

“I’m not really sure of what I’m going to end up doing after graduation but I’m really interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement,” senior Leonardo Alvarez said.

While the school year has just started, senior pride has been at an all-time high. Students rock their senior gear as they strut through campus, confidently walking through the grounds they have known for the last three years; it seems like just yesterday seniors were walking into the gates of Coral Gables Senior High for the first time, and shortly, it will be their last. In the blink of an eye, the time will come when the senior crown tradition comes back around and the next class of students begins their own journey.