International Baccalaureate Honor Society Holds Induction Ceremony!


Yanik Ariste

The new IBHS stands together for a picture after exchanging gifts!

Jesse Zambrano, Staff Writer

International Baccalaureate (IB) students gathered in the school’s cafeteria on Wednesday, May 23, to celebrate those who would be officially inducted as members to the academy’s service club. As students received their accumulated hours from the span of the year and their star pin, they took a seat and waited to hear who earned a spot on next year’s board.

Shortly after everyone was able to gather their hours, Yanik Ariste, this year’s president, made the announcement many had been waiting for. Ariste began her speech by thanking all those who took part in the club’s events over the year and how their hard work and dedication was greatly appreciated. She then addressed all those who applied for board positions by thanking them for having such interest in the club and wanting to better the club itself through their leadership skills. However, there were only a limited amount of positions to fill compared to how many students applied. Nonetheless, their efforts did not go unnoticed and if not appointed, they should not be discouraged to try again next year.

“I enjoyed the afternoon eating pizza and sharing the end of a great year full of community service and good times with my friends at IBHS induction,” sophomore Alexa Reidmiller said

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I am thrilled to be working with the 2018-2019 IBHS board this upcoming school year! I find it to be an enriching opportunity to become more involved in my school’s community. I am so excited for what is to come.

— Sophomore Daniella Berrospi

While a traditional club might just announce the new board, IBHS does things a little differently. A tradition within the club is for current board members to bring gifts for the person who is preceding them as a welcome to their incoming board member position. As Ariste began to call out names and positions, the room filled with cheers as those students made their way to the front to receive their presents and to happily accept their new jobs. The 2018-2019 IBHS board is:


Emily Simon

Vice-President of Events:

Tatiana Campos

Vice-President of Membership:

Jesse Zambrano


Daniella Berrospi

Bridge 4 Peace Money Secretary:

Kylie Coulombe

Bridge 4 Peace Food Secretary:

Sara Ebrahimi

Bridge 4 Peace Entertainment Secretaries:

Isabella Dottone and Axel Rodriguez

Adopt A Freshmen Secretaries: 

Mercedes Debesa and Sofia Rebull

Zen Garden Secretaries:

Mindy Miranda and Ana Capiro

Mentoring Minds Secretaries: 

Dylan Carol and Lisbeth Arrieta

As the school year comes to an end, most cannot help but feel nostalgic as another year passes by. However, all are excited to see what the new school year will bring and the great tasks the new board for IBHS will accomplish. To the students and faculty that have worked hard for the club’s success, it is the new board’s aspiration to continue forward with the same enthusiasm.