A Senior’s Bucket List


Andres Velasco

Seniors at the senior pep rally holding some of the props given out to them.

As the daunting day of graduation for the class of 2019 approaches, many seniors are left pondering what to do with their last few months of high school to make it as memorable as possible. We have all heard the same advice from those who have graduated: enjoy high school while it lasts. However, accomplishing that task is not always easy, especially when the four years flew by in the blink of an eye. Below is a list of things every senior should strive to do before the big day!

1. Plan a trip with friends: Whether it is a camping trip, road trip or an international trip, planning to travel with friends is a great bonding experience that everyone should do before graduating.

2. Watch a sunrise/sunset at the beach: Many seniors leaving to college will not have the luxury of having the beach close, so enjoy the stunning Miami views now!

3. Participate in the remaining school activities: Again, you only go through high school once. Enjoy all the activities set up for seniors like senior picnic and prom in order to make it a memorable ending to the last four years.

4. Go to a baseball game: As one of the few sports still in season, make some time to support your team by going to one of the games with your friends.

5. Visit college campuses with friends: As college decision day approaches, there is still time to head over to a college of your choice and explore where you may be attending in the fall.

6. Have one of Gables’ signature bagels, empanadas, or slushies: Everyone should buy one of these three signature Gables treats before graduating, especially the bagels.

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I had not had an empanada until this year and I can honestly say I would have missed out if I had not tried it. Bagels and slushies are also a must try!

— senior Julianna Delgado

7. Take a moment to appreciate the view from the third floor new building: Many of us just walk by without realizing that there is a breathtaking view from the new building that you will not be able to appreciate once you graduate.

8. Sit in the IB Patio and take in the surroundings: With all of the murals and the beautiful garden, the IB patio is a relaxing area that everyone should sit in at least once to have lunch or do their homework.

9. Pull a prank: Many seniors remember the prank on Ms. Vazquezbello sophomore year when a typo on Edmodo led to many bringing in tables to her class. Even teachers got in on it and the phrase “how the tables have turned” became legendary. If you did not participate in this take the time to do your own harmless prank before you graduate.

“The prank on Ms. Vazquezbello was one of the funniest and most memorable moments of my four years at Gables. I think everyone should try to do a harmless prank before they graduate,” senior Matthew Wagner said.

Whether it is this list of things to do or a list of your own, make sure you accomplish everything you think you may want to do before graduation day!  There are no do-overs, so make sure you make the best of the time you have left. After all, your peers and teachers who have been by your side and supported you in every endeavor have become your family, appreciate the time you have left with them!