Gables Revamp Hits the Streets


Alfredo Wolfermann / highlights

Construction of Merrick Manor on LeJeune Road that began in 2016 is yet to be completed.

Alfredo Wolfermann, highlights contributor

There is a large amount of construction happening near the school, including along Bird Road between LeJeune and South Dixie Highway. These building projects emerged around two years ago and have now finally begun to take shape. Many of the buildings, such as Merrick Manor – adjacent to the school’s science wing are pushing on Coral Gables stringent height and construction regulations of the Gables.

Mirroring the developments occurring on Miracle Mile, these apartment buildings and condos exemplify the growth, both economic and physical, that the city is experiencing and the City of Coral Gables expects to continue experiencing in the years to come. Moreover, there are reports of more over a dozen applications for residential and office building projects. These buildings may very well add to the ‘Gables revamp’, as some people colloquially refer to the redevelopment wave, according to the Miami Herald.

Some students have expressed their annoyance with the construction, while others believe the added noise will be worth it in the long run.

“After all, although construction around the city might seem obnoxious or distracting now, I believe that it will, in the future, improve the Gables’ economic setting and maintain the city’s beauty,” sophomore Andre Cospin said.