Comparing clubs Gables has to offer

Cristel Cantarero and DeeAnne Montero

September 14, 2020

As club fair is right around the corner, it is crucial to understand which club is the best fit. From community service opportunities to political activism to honor societies, Gables offers a wide array of clubs to choose from, and depending on passions and interests, every club is right for one. Wh...

The Global Vaccine Dispute

Gregoire Winston/ highlights

Rafael Sans, highlights newsmagazine contributor

September 14, 2020

       The United States’ refusal to join the World Health Organization (WHO)-led COVID-19 vaccine effort has evoked an international dispute on what the country’s priorities are. Currently, the WHO is developing a research effort in finding a COVID-19 vaccine with the support of interna...

Florida’s primary election: A voter’s guide

Isabella Morales/ highlights

Isabella Morales, highlights newsmagazine contributor

August 18, 2020

 On Aug. 18, residents of the state of Florida will vote in a closed primary election to determine the fate of at least 97 competitive races and their state alike for the next four years. As the coronavirus pandemic consumes the lives of Americans, unemployment rates surge past 10%, according to th...

Partisan dispute stalls COVID-19 relief bill

Partisan dispute stalls COVID-19 relief bill

Alma Martinez, Staff Writer

May 1, 2020

In light of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, a virus that directly impacts the human airways and respiratory system, the House of Representatives plans to vote on a bill that would address many consequences of the pandemic. Unemployment benefits and free COVID-19 testing at the core of this bill also m...

Amazon Rainforest: Why is it burning?

Man-made fires are damaging the Amazon Rainforest, but also affecting the enviornemnt on a global scale

Lisbeth Arrieta, Staff Writer

October 11, 2019

Home to thousands of species and indigenous tribes, the Amazon Rainforest is burning at a record rate. The rainforest covers many South American countries, including the northwest region of Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo, felt the effect of ...

Gillum announces new voter registration organization

Gillum announces new voter registration organization

Alex Anton, highlights contributor

April 2, 2019

Throughout the last few years, there has been a clear democratic rise in Florida. Perhaps the peak of such an initiative was when Real Clear Politics polls predicted Andrew Gillum to beat the Republican candidate Ron DeSantis in the race for governor. However, the Democrat rally was not enough, as the Re...

New Year, New Structure

On Mar. 13, Carvalho made the decision to shut down all public schools in Miami Dade for an indefinite amount of time due to the widespread fears of the Coronavirus.

Annie La Roche, highlights contributor

January 7, 2019

As the new year is approaching, Coral Gables Senior High is on the road to reconstruction. A plan for internal and external remodeling was proposed in February 2017 and later approved on March 22, 2018. Since then, the school has worked on small sections of remodeling by painting classrooms and repl...

Sunset Place Set to Close

Sophia Heilman, highlights contributor

January 7, 2019

The cool and hip hang out spot for Miami’s youth is coming to an end. Previously known as a casual meeting place, The Shops at Sunset Place will be remade into an upscale residential and hotel area with shops and restaurants. The project seeks to improve South Miami’s streetscape with new storefro...

Voters determine Florida’s 46th gubernatorial representatives

Gubernational candidates Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis compete against each other in this year's elections.

Isabella Villarroel, highlights contributor

September 21, 2018

With Florida’s gubernatorial seat up for grabs, politicians throughout the state have competed for the past few weeks in hopes of winning their party’s vote in the primaries. The primary elections are when voters elect someone to represent their party in public office. The general elections take plac...

The price you pay to live in Miami

A typical view down the street of Miami Beach overlooking the expensive apartments and lavish streets.

Oraida Rodriguez, highlights contributor

September 21, 2018

Rising economic inflation has managed to affect the lives of mostly all Miami business owners, families and students alike. The weight of the problem seems to stem from mainly one recurring issue: inflation. Sixty-five percent of homeowners reported struggling to get by with these set prices according...

The Game that Brought Tragedy to Jacksonville

Students at CGHS protesting from tighter gun control during the 2017-2018 school year.

Melanie Estrada, Staff Writer

September 2, 2018

On Aug. 26, 2018, Jacksonville's Gaming tournament turned into one of the most devastating days of the participants' lives. The players were competing for the chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas, where they would have had the chance to play for glamorous prizes in Sin City's famous Madden...

Spin scooters arrive in Coral Gables

“Spin” scooters will soon be recognized by people and visitors who often go to Giralda Plaza.

Lisbeth Arrieta, highlights contributor

August 22, 2018

This summer, Coral Gables has teamed up with “Spin,” a company based in San Francisco, in hopes of easing traffic in the area. The company, founded in 2016, works on providing major cities in the United States with dock-less electric scooter rentals, which cost up $1 for every half hour, as an alternati...

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