A clumsy yet dedicated girl at what she does, Melissa Valladares, is a freshman in the Visual & Performing Arts Academy in Coral Gables Senior High School. Melissa is recognized for her down-to-earth attitude and her strange personality. She is a heartwarming girl, and has many friends, some who live far and some who live in her very neighborhood. She is a great person to talk to whenever you're feeling down as well as a very trustworthy person. You can tell it's Melissa when she's running down the halls trying to get to class or looking for her friends to socialize on her free time. As a dedicated honors student, she has straight A's to keep her GPA at it's highest.

"I've always been good in writing, but just didn't have the opportunity to prove it. The fact that middle school doesn't have as many programs as high school really has helped me out getting through my high school experience," said Melissa.

Struggling her way through her first year of high school, she finally found a program she can express herself with, which is CavsConnect. Loving books of all genres, she narrows down to two favorites and that is Sci-Fi and Adventure. Last but not least, she has a strong interest in writing short stories. From persuasive, to informative, she can make the most entertaining story you'll ever read as well!

Melissa Valladares, Staff Writer

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