Are You Ready For Your Study Session?


Nicolas Dabby

Have you studied for your upcoming biology test yet?

Melissa Valladares, Staff Writer

Testing season is that time of the year when students have the most anxiety and get stressed out over passing an exam. Tests such as End-of-Course exams, AP exams, and IB exams are taking place mostly in the second semester. To be prepared for these upcoming tests, it is obligatory to study. Yes, it may be boring, but with these tips it is guaranteed you will pass your test:

  • Finding the time: Time is precious, don’t waste it on watching Netflix instead of studying for your test the next morning. Find a good time throughout the day to hit the books. If it helps you, have an agenda in handy. In your agenda, plan out your regular school day and weekend to squeeze in an hour or two for your review time. Of course, there’s no need to cram all the information and leave it for the last day. Choose 3-4 days to dedicate yourself to your school work.
  • Finding the place: You must be in a quiet area so you do not have any interruptions or disturbance. Also, make sure you do not study on a bed. Avoid getting lazy and deciding to take a nap. Instead, study on a nearby desk or table. Other than studying on a table in peace, make sure you have good lighting on top of your books to stay awake.

“If I’m in a crowd and loud room, you better believe I’m not going to be able to read a single line without being uncertain of what I just read,” said junior Freddy Darce.

  • Concentration: Get off of Instagram, lock your phone, open the book, and read. It’s that simple. Stop getting distracted by your cell phone because you won’t be able to have your phone after they confiscate it due to your unsatisfactory grades. Pay attention to what you’re reading and try your best to comprehend what is being shown to you.
  • Motivation: Without motivation, what’s the point of doing anything? Set yourself a goal and find your motivation. For example, if you’re planning to get an A on your biology test, then you can buy yourself something you’ve been wanting for a while if you achieve it.

“I motivate myself to do better on each quiz by thinking to myself that if I do well, my parents will be proud of me,” said sophomore Sabrina Dreyer.

  • Study group: Another option you have instead of reviewing by yourself is by getting together with a couple of classmates that are aiming to ace the test as well. Meet up at someone’s house and start quizzing each other about subjects that are going to be on the exam. Make sure not to get off topic!
  • Flash cards: This method can be simple and helpful if you have extra index cards and a marker laying around in your room. If you are having a vocabulary quiz, you may write the word on one side of the card and the definition on the other side to quiz your knowledge of the word. It doesn’t necessarily have to be vocabulary, if you’re confused about two different yet similar things, you can do the same process: word in the front, meaning in the back.

“I remember I kept on confusing the formulas for volume on different 3-dimensional figures. It was a nightmare until I finally decided to use the flash cards. It was a bliss, I went from a C to an A because of acing a test,” said freshman Andy Chirino.

  • Online tutorials: It is frustrating to be in class trying to understand the strange lesson your teacher is giving, and it’s even worse when they give you homework due the next class. What do I do? I have no direct contact to the teacher, and no one can help me? Just search on YouTube or Google overall to find videos, step-by-step pictures or even articles to assist you on the lesson. Once you understand it, try to make up your own questions and solve them yourself.

“Last year, I wouldn’t understand the circulatory system much. I’d get confused on what goes in and out of the heart, but thankfully not anymore thanks to videos I found on YouTube,” said junior Francisco Diaz.

Whether with or without your friends, you can be able to quiz yourself at a designated place and time with a decent amount of motivation and concentration. With these study tips, it is guaranteed you will get a good grade on your assignment.In the end, it’s all up to you!