A Stone Cold Enough To Give You a Toothache!


Lisandra Garaboa

Cold Stone can be a great location to grab a quick treat with a friend!

Melissa Valladares, Staff Writer

Our Grade: A

Cold Stone is one of the most recommended creameries that is found throughout Miami. Known for mostly serving ice cream since established, it also serves ice cream cakes and pies, shakes and smoothies, yogurt, sorbet, and practically any sweet that’s best served cold.

The creamery was first established in 1988 in Scottsdale, Arizona and co-founded by Susan and Donald Sutherland. Even though it was created in Scottsdale, the first store that was created and has continued to thrive is located in Tempe, Arizona. The reason why the famous parlor is called Cold Stone is because it was inspired by the frozen granite stones that are used to mix “mix-ins” such as candy, chocolate, nuts, and many more tiny edible items that can add flavor to your cup of milky joy. The first store to ever be out-of-state was opened in 1995 in Camarillo, California. Throughout the years, the creamery developed and became well-known, now holding the title of the 6th best-selling brand of ice cream all over the United States.

“Whenever my family is in the mood for ice cream, we stop what we’re doing to head to Cold Stone Creamery , which is found in Miracle Mile. It’s the best place for a family gathering, or even to go on a date, or just hang out with your friends while eating ice cream or drinking a smoothie,” sophomore Maria Quiroz said.

The following steps are useful to those who don’t know how the routine goes when purchasing an ice cream. First, you decide which flavor of creamy ice cream you’d like to have as your base. After getting the huge scoop of ice cream in the sizes of either “like it” (small), “love it” (medium), and “gotta have it” (large), the toppings bar is bombarded in your ball of happiness, ranging from M&M’s to gummy bears! After choosing what you’d like on your cup, the employee will smash it all up in the middle of your ice cream scoop and mix everything to give you a surprise in each spoonful. Using the school as a relation, at the nearest store: Miracle Mile, the prices for a “like it” is $5.29, for a “love it” it is $5.59, and for a “gotta have it” it is $5.99. In the prices, the cup price guarantees your first topping and any additional ones you select have the price of $0.79.

“There’s nothing like a Cold Stone ice cream! It’s cheap, plentiful, and absolutely delicious. It’s prepared to perfection right before your eyes and the service is absolutely amazing at any Cold Stone you visit,” senior Cristian Crespo said.

Trying to look for a Cold Stone Creamery near you? Here are a few of some local parlors:

  • 261 Miracle Mile,
    Coral Gables, FL  33134
    Across from the Miracle Theatre
  • 9059 South Dixie Hwy,
    Miami, FL  33156
    US1 and SW 90th St next to Drive-Thru Starbucks
  • 6723 Main Street,
    Miami Lakes, FL  33014
    Intersection of 57th Ave & Main St.
  • 8448 S.W. 8th Street,
    Miami, FL  33144
    Next to Starbucks

The lovely frozen store is the best ice cream parlor found in Miami if looking for a huge surprise in small bites. Go with your family for a snack or with friends to celebrate a birthday. You won’t regret the ice cream best served mixed!

Want to know more about CSC? Click here to see their official website.