The Flicker Sessions: Niall Horan’s First Tour

The Flicker Sessions: Niall Horan's First Tour

Gabrielle Torna, Staff Writer

November 8, 2017

Our Rating: A++ Niall Horan's tour is one for the books. The Flicker Sessions is Horan's first tour since going on hiatus. Horan is touring his new album Flicker. Many of his fans have been lined up for hours, even days, awaiting his arrival in Miami. Horan performed at the Fillmore, located in Miami ...

Whisking Up Some Southern Comfort

Whisk Gourmet Food and Catering: 10/10.

Natalia Rodriguez, Reviews Editor

November 7, 2017

Our Rating: A+ There is no denying that southern cuisine is absolutely unparalleled in the way it blends comfort and flavor. However (ironically enough), it is surprisingly difficult to find good southern food in Miami. Fortunately for all of us who may or may not have a slight dependency on cor...

All Around Excellence: The Bagel Express

Nothing short of perfection.

Natalia Rodriguez, Reviews Editor

October 9, 2017

  Our Rating: A++ There are few things in life that are as satisfying as having a fresh bagel in the morning. The pure joy of eating a toasted bagel is simply too great to even put into words. However, as with most foods, not all bagels are created equal. There is a drastic differenc...


The cover picture to Lana's new album is just as amazing as all the songs on it.

Olivia Pelaez, Staff Writer

October 6, 2015

Album: Honeymoon Artist: Lana del Rey Genre: Alternative Release Date: September 8, 2015 Our Rating: A Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, known to most by her stage name Lana Del Rey, was born June 21, 1985 in New York City. After high school, she began to sing in nightclubs throughout Broo...

X (Deluxe Edition)

X-album cover: Simple yet effective.

Samantha Valero, Staff Writer

February 13, 2015

Album: X (Deluxe Edition) Artist: Ed Sheeran Genre: Pop, R&B and Hip Hop Release Date: June 20, 2014 Our rating: A+ Ed Sheeran, born on Feb. 17, 1991, is now 23 years old. As a child, he played guitar and showed promise for the music business. He began to seriously consider music as a...

Lime, and Not the Fruit

Fresh, crunchy, and HOT!

Samantha Valero, Staff Writer

November 6, 2014

Our Rating: A This fresh Mexican grill is truly one of a kind, proudly offering everything from salads to quesadillas, all the way to key lime pie and more! "Everything in our stores is made fresh daily, including all of our homemade salsas. Additionally, our menu offers a ton of variety (...

A Stone Cold Enough To Give You a Toothache!

Cold Stone can be a great location to grab a quick treat with a friend!

Melissa Valladares, Staff Writer

April 10, 2014

Our Grade: A Cold Stone is one of the most recommended creameries that is found throughout Miami. Known for mostly serving ice cream since established, it also serves ice cream cakes and pies, shakes and smoothies, yogurt, sorbet, and practically any sweet that's best served cold. The creamery was firs...

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