The Flicker Sessions: Niall Horan’s First Tour

Nov 8, 2017

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Niall Horan’s tour is one for the books. The Flicker Sessions is Horan’s first tour since going on hiatus. Horan is touring his new album Flicker. Many of his fans have been lined up for hours, even days, awaiting his arrival in Miami. Horan performed at the Fillmore, located in Miami Beach; the show was general admission only, so many of his fans lined up for hours and even days before in order to get close up spots.

Gabriella Torna
Niall singing Fire Away

The 6th of November had been marked on many fans’ calendars. As the night began, the crowd was ecstatic; everyone was singing along to the music playing in the background and awaiting Horan’s appearance on stage. His opening act, a friend of his from Ireland, hyped up the crowd and got them ready for the main event. As soon as the lights went down, the crowd roared as Niall walked up onstage.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Niall Horan, ever since the whole One Direction fad, so of course I thought the concert would be tons of fun. I did thoroughly enjoy it, and I do believe it was worth it, but the only problem with Niall is that his music doesn’t tend to be very exciting. His music is more ‘study’ music as I like to call it. If his next album has any exciting music that I could dance to then sure, I’ll think about going to his next concert, but for now I don’t really think so. It was fun for the night, but I don’t think I’ll do it again,” junior Chantal Busteed said.

Horan played various songs from his new album Flicker. From slow songs to more upbeat songs, his concert had it all. Horan began the show with his song The Tide and ended it with On My Own. The most emotional song he performed that night was Flicker. Flicker produced many tears that night as it is one of the most emotional songs on the album. As Horan told the crowd to quiet down, only his voice echoed throughout the auditorium. Halfway through the concert, he played Fools Gold- a song he sang while he was still in One Direction. Many of Horan’s fans have been with him since the One Direction days, making this song so much more meaningful than the rest.

“I didn’t get to go to Niall’s concert, but from his amazing album and all the concert videos I saw, I really regret not going. He is such an amazing singer and has incredible talent. Hopefully, I get to go when he comes again next year,” sophomore Ginia Gonzales said.

Niall Horan never disappoints, and this concert comes to prove it. He put on a spectacular show and made everyone feel at home. Niall Horan will be coming again next year for his Flicker: World Tour. Until then, he leaves us with amazing memories and satisfaction.


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