Lime, and Not the Fruit


Samantha Valero

Fresh, crunchy, and HOT!

Samantha Valero, Staff Writer

Our Rating: A

This fresh Mexican grill is truly one of a kind, proudly offering everything from salads to quesadillas, all the way to key lime pie and more!

“Everything in our stores is made fresh daily, including all of our homemade salsas. Additionally, our menu offers a ton of variety (tacos, quesadillas, burritos, fajitas, salads, nachos, etc.), which means there is truly something for everyone,” owner Grant Gussin said.

Lime (closest restaurant: 7 West Flagler Street Miami, FL 33130) is in multiple locations across South Florida. From Kendall to Doral, you can get your tasty Mexican food fix, whether it be with some crunchy chips and salsa or a not so crunchy burrito! The best thing about Lime is that they offer a healthier alternative to other Mexican restaurants. With their homemade salsas, sauces and sides, they really care if their customers like their meals.

“Our most popular meal is either our queso burrito (choice of protein, rice, beans, sour cream, queso, tortilla strips and jalapenos) or our fish tacos. Additionally, our homemade guacamole is as good as it gets,” Gussin said.

For you lovely vegetarians, they have things for you too! With their cheap salads (most popular: La Paz Salad- Fish with black beans, carrots, and pico de gallo salsa topped with tortilla chips for $8.99) and soups (most popular: Black Bean Soup- A hearty, vegetarian, organic black bean soup topped with pico de gallo salsa and served with homemade tortilla chips. Price ranging from $2.99-$3.99), you’ll be in for a meatless treat without losing the meat of your wallet.

Yet another thing that makes Lime special and unique is the fact that they have desserts! One of their most popular desserts is the Cinnamon Chips which are simple, yet effective in fulfilling almost any sweet tooth; the fresh flour tortillas are fried to a golden brown and tossed with cinnamon sugar and are served with whipped cream for the low price of $1.99!

Soon, Lime is going to have a promotion for all high school students at three locations (West Kendall, Doral, and Dadeland) where either a burrito or a regular quesadilla (chicken or ground beef) with a drink, is offered for $5 from 3-5pm, Monday-Friday.

This fresh, age friendly restaurant, that is unlike any other, is a great place to head over to either after school, after practice, or just for a weekend outing with your ‘crew’! Don’t miss out any longer, and get a meal fit for royalty.

If you would like to see more of the menu, just click here! (DISCLAIMER: This is not the full menu!)