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Kid Cudi’s INSANO Disappoints

While Kid Cudi’s album explored new genres, it helped define what his fans do not want more of
Joseph Abrahantes
INSANO’S cover art displays a plethora of bright colors, interjected by a jagged cut. This color scheme juxtaposes the dull tones Kid Cudi’s albums usually present.

Artist: Kid Cudi

Album Title: INSANO

Genre: Hip Hop/Trap

Release Date: Jan. 12, 2024

Album Rating: 5/10

American musician Kid Cudi recently released his ninth studio album INSANO, a partner album to Entergalactic, released in 2022. Both albums aimed to envelop listeners in a culminating ambiance, but fell short of this intention. While INSANO was promoted to be the product of Kid Cudi’s matured talent, for many listeners, it authenticated the belief that his music has become devoid of inspiration.

INSANO introduces a new style for Cudi, based in trap lyricism and juxtaposing atmospheres. Cudi’s success originates from unique music that could immerse listeners in a spatial soundscape projected by his feelings. His new trap music, however, is far from captivating as it lacks fluidity and substance. His lyrics dive into unrelated topics as he struggles to piece together a central theme. Cudi’s emotionless delivery of lyrics, inconsiderate rhyming and poor line construction make his music sound underdeveloped and insufficiently planned.

Cudi is a rapper best known for his ability to fill his music with his own sorrowful thoughts while still maintaining a hopeful perspective. In the past, he sang about his feelings and the growth related to confronting these emotions. This music resonated with his audience, inspiring them to engage emotionally. INSANO is foreign from Cudi’s successful genres and attempts to invoke positive and optimistic sentiment. This effort further intensifies the distinction between his older music, preferred by fans, and his new tracks.

“Kid Cudi is one of my top 5 rappers and song producers. He knows how to take his feelings and turn them into influential music. However, INSANO sounded like a new Cudi that needs more time to develop. In a few years, his new genre will be just as good as his old music,” freshman Vinchenzo Lopez said.

The first track is introduced by DJ Drama, a staple album narrator in modern trap, who narrates INSANO to convey Cudi’s unclear message. While DJ Drama elevates the mood before the song begins, the reveal of a dissonant beat paired with unenthusiastic lyricism only highlights Cudi’s failure to execute. DJ Drama’s prominence with other artists portrays Cudi as a musician only aspiring to be significant. This imitation lacks originality, the very quality that made Cudi exceptional.

Track 3: GET OFF ME (with Travis Scott)

Rating: 5/10

DJ Drama introduces the song, preparing the listener to enter the “Magic City” where every visitor leaves ecstatic and awed. Cudi begins the song describing the scene of his euphoria and then enters a brief interlude, in which he repeats “get off me.” The music ascends, builds tension and Travis Scott interjects, elevating the song. Scott’s flow dominates the rest of the track as he outclasses Cudi lyrically, only exaggerating the skill difference between the once equal artists.

“Travis Scott and Kid Cudi have been an unstoppable duo for years. Cudi’s lo-fi beats mixed with Scott’s rapping make for the perfect alternative trap song. Scott was able to improve the songs he featured on and I would have liked to see more of him on INSANO,” freshman Eric DelValle said.

Track 5: WOW (with A$AP Rocky)

Rating: 4/10

While WOW begins with a verse that reads “this is the new and improved me,” it could not be farther from the truth. Following a unvaried template, Cudi creates a monotonous refrain, repeating the same verse throughout the song. In the case of WOW, he repeats the line “wow, wow, wow,” 22 times. The excessive repetition emphasizes the lack of creativity applied to his chorus construction, something Kid Cudi was once acclaimed for. A$AP Rocky demonstrates chemistry with the beat and raps fluidly throughout, outperforming Cudi.

“To be fair, INSANO was worse than I expected. Featured artists were the highlight of the album and carried the verses. I definitely prefer Cudi’s older music, like Pursuit of Happiness, with more somber tones,” freshman JanDaive Calimlim said.


Rating: 7/10

ELECTROWAVEBABY, stylized in capitals, is an example of the upbeat, vocalized music Cudi experimented with in INSANO. The song differentiates itself from other tracks by a lack of rapping and focus on rhythmic singing. The song surrounds Cudi’s attachment to a woman he describes as a blessing. She is the star that elevates his life and ascends him higher. The infatuated tone of the song elevates the vocals and clearly communicates a theme: Cudi is happier when he is with her.

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Track 20: BLUE SKY

Rating 7.5/10

Cudi finishes the album with a track built with his classic elements. A definitive chorus leads the vocal ascent, followed by melodic humming that provides a reoccurring hook. Brief interjections of fast paced lyrics describe the bright sun and blue sky that continuously appear in Cudi’s intoxicated dreams. He details the feeling of freedom provided by drugs as they liberate him from the burden of stress. His pressure is relieved as he drifts into tranquility. Finally, the harmonic bridge relieves the building tension and the rhythm slows before ending abruptly. The song follows a rhythmic pattern common in Kid Cudi’s music while still contriving an atmosphere distinctive to INSANO’s genre.

“I think that Kid Cudi has been making music with depressing tones but underlying optimism. I like how his music has changed over the years and how his new music has shifted to happier melodies. Even though I liked his older tracks, I feel he still has potential to produce high quality music,” freshman Lawrence Weiss said.

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