Are You a Chubbies Chaser?


Alexander Duran

Such a wide variety of colors and types, which will you buy?

Melissa Valladares, Staff Writer

It was concluded that girls often wear shorter shorts while boys wear bottoms that are below the knee. So, it caught lots of attention when a couple of class men were seen strolling down the halls wearing shorts above their knee, also known as “Chubbies”; these shorts were once popular in the seventies. The emotions were befuddled as people stared at the extra short shorts, making others want to buy a pair as well. Now, they are the latest craze in the short’s industry.

“I think, although they are expensive, they do make you 30% more flexible and 55% more aerodynamic. I personally haven’t had a chance to buy a pair, but I think that they are totally worth it since they make you more attractive by highlighting your thighs. They’re extremely comfortable,” said junior Logan Morris.

These radical shorts are available for men in several different styles: the originals, the swim trunks, the Americans, Chubbies sport, the drawstrings, and the sports utility shorts.

The Originals : The Originals are the shorts that come in several different colors and are the exact same style as regular shorts except shorter.

The Swim Trunks: The swim trunks are the same as beach trunk, but come in several colors that are brighter than the sun.

The Americans: This style of Chubbies are an easy way to express your country by having the entire flag design. Some have the stripes and others have only the stars found on the U.S. flag, and are perfect to wear for a barbecue on the 4th of July.

The Chubbies Sport: These shorts have similar features that you would see on basketball shorts, and can be worn casually or to hang out with some friends at the park.

The Drawstrings and the Sports Utility Shorts: The Drawstrings are a pair of bottoms that have outstanding designs that can be worn at a family reunion. The sports utility shorts have a hint of the original, but include a belt and are useful to go to an amusement park.

“I think Chubbies are quite nice for guys that hate having to deal with the hot weather overall. I’m not going to lie, it’s a pain to wear jeans and long shorts everyday. I support the use of this trend,” said freshman Daisy Jean.

Although about an eighth of the school is not familiar with these brightly colored shorts, there’s a large side of the male section of the school that have their closet filled with Chubbies. As told by multiple students, they have huge pockets and are more comfortable than wearing jeans or cargo shorts.They make the guy look more appealing to the girl he tries to attract.

“I feel good knowing they are mad in the good old U.S.A. The first time I put them on, I felt powerful. They are very roomy and have huge pockets. I own seven of them,” said junior Coby Sanchez.

Chubbies have assisted boys by allowing them to survive the heat with their short length. Chubbies are quickly rising in popularity, and are becoming a huge trend this year. With a price of approximately $50, Chubbies are a new trend that make you comfortable, stylish, and ready for any occasion.