Seats of Gables

A definitive guide to the various seats at Gables High.

Daniela Parra Del Riego and Alexander Yagoda

November 19, 2018

High school: a time of self-discovery, fun times, and a lot of sitting. In the midst of it all, we do not spend much time thinking about the places we spend most of our time in: chairs. Without us realizing it, these chairs have heavily influenced our opinion of every location on our campus. From the...

Are You a Chubbies Chaser?

Such a wide variety of colors and types, which will you buy?

Melissa Valladares, Staff Writer

February 11, 2014

It was concluded that girls often wear shorter shorts while boys wear bottoms that are below the knee. So, it caught lots of attention when a couple of class men were seen strolling down the halls wearing shorts above their knee, also known as "Chubbies"; these shorts were once popular in the seventies....

How To Be An All-Day Energizer Bunny

This student decided to skip out on breakfast and, as a result, dozed off in class.

Hannah Cordes, Sports Editor

January 12, 2014

People, especially over-stressed students, tend to constantly fall into the deceiving tricks of the end of the day drowsiness. Whether it is 7th or 8th period, or chilling at home, around 1:00 PM you are more than likely already exhausted and in the mood to take a nap. However, there are possible solutions...

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