Mrs. Gonzalez, Not Ms. Nieves!


Nic Dabby

Keeping her atmosphere bright and positive, Mrs. Gonzalez can always be found with a smile on her face.

Melissa Valladares, Staff Writer

On the second floor of the new building, across from the Activities room, one of the busiest bees in the faculty of Gables is found. Mrs. Gonzalez, formerly known as Ms. Nieves, is a Critical Thinking teacher for freshmen, IB English IV teacher for seniors, and the adviser of our student newspaper, highlights.

“I have always wanted to be a teacher. I love learning and always have. I changed my mind a couple of times now and then, but decided to stick to teaching since it’s what I enjoy the most,” Mrs. Gonzalez said.

From the very start of her career, Mrs. Gonzalez began teaching at Alonso Senior High School located in Tampa, Florida. Afterwards, she moved to Ronald Reagan Doral Senior High School, and is currently teaching at Coral Gables Senior High School, where she has taught for four years. Before becoming a part of the Cavalier Nation, Mrs. Gonzalez taught English for all grade levels, and was also a journalism teacher. Once arriving in Gables, the busy bee became a well-known teacher, who not only continued being an English and journalism instructor, but also began teaching Critical Thinking.

Known for being optimistic, dedicated, and stubborn, Mrs. Gonzalez loves to work with her students. Apart from giving directions to assignments given, she also assists them in choosing a better pathway toward their future.

“I love seeing my students change and grow throughout their four years of high school. Other than seeing them develop in high school, my students keep me young,” Mrs. Gonzalez said.

Outside of her job, Mrs. Gonzalez enjoys knitting, napping, going to the movies, reading, and going on Pinterest in her free time. In addition, she spends time with her husband.

“My life outside of school is quite peaceful, yet lazy. That’s just the way I like it,” Mrs. Gonzalez said.

What most people don’t know about Mrs. Gonzalez is that she is actually a mac and cheese fanatic, and has an addiction to Krispy Kreme donuts. Another interesting fact is that Mrs. Gonzalez went to school with the famous celebrity Channing Tatum in seventh grade.

If you ever see Ms. Nieves -I mean Mrs. Gonzalez- say hello. You can always catch her buzzing around the school, but you won’t have to ask twice for grammar help, assistance in writing, or overall advice on your future.