Get Your Racquet Ready: Tennis Season


Carlos Bejar

Sophomore Paulina Bejar getting ready for the season during private lessons.

Melissa Valladares, Staff Writer

Get your partner, tennis ball, and racket ready because the match is about to begin! This school year’s tennis season is starting on the 4th of February, and their first match will be against MAST Academy. With a new team of 8 girls and 10 boys who are all prepared for the competitions ahead of them, they are planning on increasing their practice time, and focus on studying their opponents to try to improve themselves.

“We really want to win every single match and go to States, but we know it’s going to be difficult and take a lot of work. We are trying to prepare ourselves as much as possible,” said junior Alexa Alcalay.

Last year, the students worked extremely hard. The boy’s team won Districts, Regional Semis, and Regional Finals; all in all, they finished second in State. The girl’s team won Districts and Regional Semis, but unfortunately lost the Regional Finals title when they went up against Palmetto. This year, however, will be different.

“For the boys, we expect to win a State championship or second. Girls, we expect to win Districts and play against Palmetto again in Regional Finals,” said coach Mr.Weiner.

Even though last year was spectacular, this year will be even more advantageous. With minds set towards victory and winning States, they plan on showing the other schools their power and potential. They practice every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with the coach at the Biltmore, and some of the them even have private lessons, several times throughout the week right after the entire team practices. When they all practice together, the team focuses on the newer players who aren’t as experienced, having them play rallies, sets, and tie breakers.

There has been several changes this year.  In the case of the girl’s team, Sonja Redosevic, who was one of their best players, graduated, leaving the team with motivation to fulfill her goal and win States. For the boy’s team, Sebastian Gazzolo and Frederico Mercado graduated. Also, one of their leaders Alfredo Perez, who was number 1 in the team, became home-schooled, leaving the boy’s team short of players, that is,  until the new additions came in with the highest degree of determination. The captains of the boy’s this year are seniors Danny Spatz and Mirko Redosevic, brother of the former girl’s team captain. Meanwhile, the girl’s team captain is Isabella Blanes, who is trying her best to help the team accomplish Redosevic’s unfinished goals. 

“I’ve been playing tennis since I was two years old and I am not stopping now. Playing tennis is difficult, but this year we have a very talented, motivated, and dangerous team on the court with the same motivation: to win States. With all the practice and skill we have, we are certain to get far,” said co-captain Danny Spatz.

Most of the upperclassmen and more experienced players have personal training throughout the week, in addition to the school team’s practices. The players do this not only because they enjoy it, but also because they believe it could improve their performance: making their aim better, learn how to interpret their opponent, and how to play one

“Private lessons aren’t bad at all. They help the players master the sport even more, even make them professionals,” said coach Weiner.

With all the hard work and dedication, there is no doubt that both the boy’s and girl’s team will make this season as unforgettable as possible. Regardless of all the changes,  they plan on taking it one match at a time, and  are expecting the best for the 2013-2014 season.