Heart Thoughts

Samantha Valero, Staff Writer

Our Rating: A
Heart Thoughts, a self-help non-fiction book written by Louise L. Hay, has been changing perspectives since 1992. Although it may sound like an ‘old person’ book, Heart Thoughts has little pieces of inner wisdom that can guide you through almost any problem you may face.

“I believe that the book [Heart Thoughts] is a good self-help book for students that have trouble with dealing with their emotions,” Assistant Principal Lazaro Hernandez said.

Accept all you create for yourself, good or bad.
Samantha Valero
Accept all you create for yourself, good or bad.

There are some people that may be curious about what exactly is written in the book and what all the raving is about. One of the sections, titled “Acceptance,” says, “If you do not love yourself totally, wholly, and fully, somewhere along the way you learned not to. You can unlearn it. Start being kind to yourself now.”

This is very true. The book gives you advice for hard times, everyday issues, and what to do when you run out of ideas in a time of need. It makes you realize there is another way to see things, especially yourself.

One of my favorite sections is short and sweet; titled “Sleep,” it reads, “We need sleep to rejuvenate the mind and spirit, as well as the physical body. We can release our fears and problems and just give into peace and slumber.”

Sleep, Something we all need... and a lot of it!
Sleep: Something we all need… and a lot of it!

If you are a bit like me and never sleep due to school-related stress, the book says to give up your problems and sleep peacefully. It is a time to restore your energy, rid of your day’s problems, and let go of anger and bitterness. You have the power to decide whether you have peace while you sleep, by letting all of your troubles go. Sleep! There are enough zombies in the hallways.

Throughout the entire book, the topics range from abundance to the world community. No need to fear, for Heart Thoughts is here!

Don't dwell on the negative, be positive and you'll be a lot happier
Samantha Valero
Don’t dwell on the negative; be positive and you’ll be a lot happier.

The final section that will be discussed is titled “Thoughts,” which reads, “When good comes into our lives and we deny it by saying ‘I don’t believe it,’ we are literally pushing our good luck away.”

This is so true. Usually, when one gives a compliment, the recipient completely denies the statement, and by doing so refuses the positivity of his or her words.

If only negative thoughts come to mind, any person would drown in a sea of negativity; but if the thoughts are positive, you will float in the ocean that is life.

This book is excellent for people who want to have a bit more sunshine in their lives, and is a great help for those of us who never know what to do with long term or short term problems. If you would like to read more of Hay’s inspiring books, click here to enter the spiritual world of YOU.